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5280 - Biker with Motorcycle (Eastereggs)
« on: June 21, 2013, 21:11:43 »
Set: 5280
Description: Biker with Motorcycle (Eastereggs)
Theme: Sports
Release date: 2013
Value for money: High


The three new friends Harry, Dirk and Leroy went out for a ride. (3014,3831 and 5113)
After some time they saw a strange blue egg-like statue standing on a square. "Hey dude, what's that i hear?" "No clue bro,but it sounds like there someone inside that thing."

They parked their bikes and called 112 for help. Within a few moments, they could here the sirens coming. "Dude, you know the cops will be coming too, right?"
Firts to arrive were Sergeant Poncherello and a rapid responder. Soon followed by a squadcar.

The lieutenant and the medic started a (what we call COPI / Motorkapoverleg) hood-conference, while the patrol officer and Poncherello tried to see
if they could get "it" opened. They couldn't. They called in the heavy rescueteam from the firebrigade.

While the Chief joined the COPI, the rescueteam geared up for the job and prepared to free, whatever was inside.

They decided it was best to do everything possible to open the egg as soon as possible. So they got cracking! Giant chainsaw and torch were
brought to life and open the egg.

They managed to crack the case and soon after, open the egg. This is what they encountered inside:

The troops freed the person and motorcycle inside, and after a quick medical check, returned to their stations.

The Eastereggs series are very much fun to begin with. First open the packaging, then you'll have to open the egg, which can be used as a piggybank afterwards. Another nice option, i just noticed, is the little hole in the top of the egg. Could be usefull, looks like the size of playmo accesories.
The motorcycle is very well detailed and a true custom in USA Stars & Stripes livery. The biker is a rough looking man with a stripe-beard.

When opening the egg, there are a bag of parts, a PM leaflet and the instruction sheet. All the parts are inside the bag. Which is kinda weird,
because in almost every other motorcycleset i have seen, the frame is mostly seperated from the bag.
Another strange thing, except for the rear wheel which is mounted, everything else has to be build or added.

This set comes with klicky, helmet, headband, armbands, 2 exhaust pipes, headlight unit, headlight glass (VERY COOL!), handlebars, body, front wheel, front wheel tire and front forks.
Assembly is part of the fun and i did enjoy it very much, it was pretty straight forward. No stickers to put up.

Again, the instruction leaflet is very simple, 1 page. It shows how to assemble the set and contains all the part numbers.

The klicky has nice prints on it. A large black circle with a silver star on it on his shirt, with 2 wings on the side. Nice necklace and details on the vest.

The Box:

Box - Front

Box - Side

Box - rear

Egg - Front

Egg - Bottom

Egg - Inside

The Set:


Set - Contents

Set - Left

Set - Right

Set - Rear

Set - Front

Comparison 3014 5113 3831 5280:

Together they all drove off, onto a new adventure?

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Re: 5280 - Biker with Motorcycle (Eastereggs)
« Reply #1 on: June 21, 2013, 22:30:09 »
This is the bike I really want!  Funny story too!  :lol: I knew the jaws of life were going to come out.  I love the sleazy biker klickie too. 

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Re: 5280 - Biker with Motorcycle (Eastereggs)
« Reply #2 on: June 21, 2013, 23:47:58 »
Great story, pics and review!  :)

I swear this is the third motorcycle thread I've read today, and after never having been interested in them before, I have now discovered that they are very charming, and that I *really* need to get one!  :lol:

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Re: 5280 - Biker with Motorcycle (Eastereggs)
« Reply #3 on: June 22, 2013, 16:34:41 »
That was great! :D

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Re: 5280 - Biker with Motorcycle (Eastereggs)
« Reply #4 on: June 22, 2013, 18:28:27 »
Great review! Bravo! Funny and informative.
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