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5113 - Red Chopper Review
« on: June 21, 2013, 14:18:35 »
Set: 5113
Description: Red Chopper with rider
Theme: Sports
Release date: 2010
Value for money: High


A very nice and complete set. The front of the box displays the rider touring on the freeway with his helmet on.
The side shows the entire collection 5113 through 5118 of 2010.
The rear displays the motorcycle and the rider with his helmet on, and the dimensions of the klicky.

After opening the box, it encloses a Playmobil leaflet, instructions leaflet, bag with parts and klicky and last but not least the motorcycle.
The instruction leaflet is very simple, 1 page. It shows how to assemble the set and contains all the part numbers.

The klicky is has nice prints on it. Thehe colours are well chosen and very bright and shiny, black and red combine very well.
The printed skull on the klicky is a bit macabre and a bit odd-looking, on a very friendly looking biker.

All the needs to be assembled are the headlight unit, handelbars, and visor on the helmet. No stickers need to be applied.
The numberplate on the rear has the setnr. on it: PM 11 5113 
A great klicky and a great bike. The motorcycle looks the same as the 3014 and 3831 choppers, only in different colours.
This colourscheme and he painting on the bike look great, very modern.

The only problem i could spot, was the headlight unit. It looked like it had been squashed as both lamps are pointing slightly inwards.

The Box:

Box - Front

Box - top

Box - rear


The Set:


Set - Front

Set - Left

Set - Right

Set - Rear

Set - Top

Comparison 3014 5113 3831:






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Re: 5113 - Red Chopper Review
« Reply #1 on: June 21, 2013, 18:07:33 »
Thanks for the review.  I definitely want to pick this one up.  I love the rider's vest.  His t shirt, not so much.  The bike looks nice. 

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Re: 5113 - Red Chopper Review
« Reply #2 on: June 21, 2013, 19:33:22 »
Thanks for the pics.

Just can't agree with your opinion on the shirt - what's wrong with skulls (looks at skull in tshirt) ? :D

I love the rider's vest.  His t shirt, not so much. 

You can always send me the shirt ;)  I think it's the best part of the set!