Author Topic: Set 5918 Spotsman's Cabin (re-release of 3826) **Surprisingly Useful parts**  (Read 6044 times)

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I picked up the cabin set during a recent trip to Toys R Us. I had always thought about picking up the cabin in its earlier set back in the day. I figured my second chance will probably be the last. So after much debate over the price ($39.99) I took the plunge. And I am really happy about it now.

I really like the look of this cabin. It is very cute and it looks more like a whole building versus the newer Forest Lodge 4207. It looks really good nestled into a forest scene if you have other sets to mix in (see the attached pic). The klickies are well dressed for an outdoors scene, if a bit dated (flannel is very 90s). They didn't do much for me, so in the giant bin they go. The pic features some other random klickies.

As best I can tell the set is close but not an identical re-release of the earlier set, though the pictures look the same. Two differences I can tell are the newer version of the running squirrel and the fish are not magnetic. The fishing hook actually has a small skinny piece that extends farther than the picture shows and fits inside the fish's mouth to hold them on. They stay on well, but you have to manually place them on, no "fishing" games possible. I wonder if the lack of magnets is a US thing.

Now for the most surprising thing for me. I Love the little fireplace/stove part! It is very useful. It has a a wonderful rustic feel that fits in well with medieval scenes. I have used it as a kitchen stove for a castle and for a small forge for a blacksmith shop. (see pics) I had some accessories for the blacksmith from a recent superset 3125. I combined them with the stove and presto! I have a medieval blacksmith without resorting to ebay! I am so happy!
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This set looks good.  I'll have to see if my local Toys R Us has it. many Playmobil sets, so little money...

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Now for the most surprising thing for me. I Love the little fireplace/stove part! It is very useful. It has a a wonderful rustic feel that fits in well with medieval scenes. I have used it as a kitchen stove for a castle and for a small forge for a blacksmith shop.

I love that stove part too. It is a great looking piece which lends itself to a variety of uses, as you said.
I used the cabin and other parts from it to create a 17th C. scene a few years ago (see attachment). :)

I bought my cabin secondhand so it was missing several smaller parts but I managed to pick them up quite easily from the DS.

Thanks for the review! :)
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Love the many uses of that stove, it's an oddity of the 3125 Blacksmith's superset that he lacks a means to heat anything except his small campfire.

The cabin has a timeless quality too, fits in an time period really from Roman onwards. I'll keep an eye out for that set.

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3286 is a pirate ship on Playmodb.

I think this was a typo - the original set number is 3826  :)
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Hi Rufus  :wave:

   That is a great little set that I too have be hesitant on getting at TRU due to the sticker shock  :o I have it form misc. auctions and have it in a Robin Hood forest display and it sure is a beauty. I also used the stove elsewhere for a castle display as it looks so nice against the steck walls . Maybe everyone else is thinking the same thing, TRU will be left with them and it will hit the clearance . I think this is a chance I am not willing to take now that I read your review and am reminded of how useful this timeless set can be . At least we can use the $75 spent get you $10 back coupon

   Thanks for the review
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Hi Rufus,

Thanks for that interesting review and pictures.  The stove is certainly very flexible in its time period and uses.

The cabin looks the same as DS item 7099.  It's unclear though whether the stove/fireplace comes with that set as although the cabin has a chimney, the small print says "without accessories".  However, maybe the fireplace parts can still be had from DS.
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Thank you for the review Rufus, like many others this is one of those sets that has you wondering whether to jump on it now or wait and see.

That is the mixed blessing of a good set review, it tends to knock people off the fence so off I go to TRU to try to convince them this is really a pirate cabin and should be 25% off!  :lol:


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I have this set from when it was available as a regular release with the magnetic fishing option, & you are correct about children enjoying a fishing game! A very good set for forest scenes, & useful parts in other dioramas!
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This is indeed a nice set with some great accessories.  I ordered the cabin as an Add-On and a half dozen of the fireplaces and bunkbeds through US and UK DS.  The fireplaces work in a number of periods, from the Romans to the Western theme.
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