Author Topic: Police boat 4429 with 9853 (5536) RC underwatermotor  (Read 706 times)

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Police boat 4429 with 9853 (5536) RC underwatermotor
« on: December 15, 2019, 14:59:18 »
Police boat 4429 with 9853 (5536) RC underwatermotor

Playmobil releases a nice budget set with a police boat, lifeboat, 3 klicky's, a small underwatermotor 7350 and many accessories. This set guarantees a lot of fun.
However, Playmobil does not indicate on its special website about the 9853 RC underwatermotor that this boat can be fitted with an RC underwatermotor. Strange, because the boat is quite large and has a big high hull. Time to do a small test in the kitchen, with the police boat. The RC underwatermotor can be mounted without any problems under the police boat, with the hull barely deeper than normal. Also, the hull does not hang back excessively. However, the boat is slightly tilted in the water because the computer in the cabin and the captain are on one side. This can easily be remedied by mounting a weight in the cabin on the other side. The weight of this is a bit dependent on the weight of the used batteries. But with a bit of experimentation it is possible to find a solution.

Here are my test results:

Police boat 4429 with RC underwatermotor. With weight in the cabin, the boat lies nicely straight in the water.

The RC underwatermotor, attached to the suspension point of underwatermotor 7530.

A detailed picture of the cabin. At the red arrow the weight I mounted. The weight depends on the weight of the used batteries, but with a little experimentation you can find it out.