Author Topic: Photobucket no longer offers free Third Party Image Hosting  (Read 6492 times)

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Re: Photobucket no longer offers free Third Party Image Hosting
« Reply #10 on: August 15, 2017, 19:58:22 »
A photo intensive board I belong to has moved to recommending
It's worth looking at as a new alternative.

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Re: Photobucket no longer offers free Third Party Image Hosting
« Reply #11 on: November 22, 2017, 18:47:15 »

Hello all,

A tip to fix photobucket loaded photos no longer appear in forums was published in the Spanish forum Playclicks/Playforos by David Piraten.

Just add ~original at the end of the file name in the photobucket link of your post.
For example:

and write:

They already tested and it works. Don't know if it is a temporary solution. Only problem here is that the "Modify" button in posts is just available 24 hrs and nobody here will be able to try. By the way, they have always available the Modify option for all posts.

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Re: Photobucket no longer offers free Third Party Image Hosting
« Reply #12 on: November 23, 2017, 19:14:20 »
Thank you for that useful piece of information, VicKlicktor.
IT WORKS! (So far, I only tried this on files which were posted here about 6 months ago)

Here is part one of Raven's story Toby and Jessica in Fairyland. If you look at it here you cannot see the pictures, but if you 'quote' it and edit the references to jpg. files on photobucket (by adding ~original; it took be only a couple of minutes using copy-and-paste), this is what you get:

Part One - Lost in the Forest

Toby arrived at Jessica's home early in the morning.

'Are you ready to go and look for Fairyland?' he said.

'Oh yes!' replied Jessica, 'I only need to get my rucksack.  My daddy has packed us sandwiches, cereal bars, and drinks - enough to last us all day.'

'My mummy and daddy said we had to be back before it gets dark,' said Jessica.

'Yes, mine said the same,' said Toby, 'And that I'm to come back to your house because we're all having supper there tonight.'

'We had better leave the forest path,' said Jessica, 'We've got to get lost before we can find Fairyland.'

'I just hope that we can get unlost again,' said Toby.

'There are no wolves in this forest,' said Jessica.

'There is one now,' said Toby, 'So run, just run.'

Jessica and Toby ran as fast as they could through the undergrowth.  Suddenly, Jessica spotted a stream.

'Let's go through the stream, Toby,' she said, 'I've read that dogs can't follow your scent through water.'

'It's a wolf, not a dog,' said Toby.

'Well, I don't expect that wolves can follow our scent through the water, either,' said Jessica.

'Look there's a clearing ahead,' said Jessica, 'I can see horses, so maybe there's a farm.  Perhaps it was a farm dog that you saw.'

'It was definitely a wolf,' insisted Toby.

'Well, whatever it was, I think we've lost it now.  Let's go and see the horses.'

'Toby!' squealed Jessica, 'These aren't horses - they are unicorns!'

'Wow!' said Toby.

'Oh, they are beautiful,' said Jessica.

'Do you think they are dangerous?' asked Toby, 'I mean, I'm thinking about those horns.'

Jessica, however, was already stroking a unicorn.

'Jessica!' said Toby, 'There's a man coming!  And he's got a blue and yellow horse!'

'Hello,' said the man, jumping down from his wagon, 'I am the Guardian of the Unicorns.  Who are you and why are you here?'

'I'm Jessica and this is Toby,' said Jessica, 'We were looking for Fairyland, and then Toby thought he saw a wolf, though it was probably only a dog, so we ran away and we ended up here.'

'It could have been a wolf,' said the Guardian of the Unicorns, 'It could have been one of Red's wolves.  If so, it would not have harmed you.  But anyway, you wish to enter Fairyland?'

'Yes,' said Jessica.

'Do you know where it is?' asked Toby.

'I know indeed,' replied the Guardian, 'But to enter there you will need the permission of Willow, the Lady of the Forest.  She should be with Red this morning.  I will take you there on my wagon. Climb aboard.'

'I will ride on front,' said the Guardian, ' Unicorns, do not follow us; I will return.  And horses: to Red's Outpost, please.'

'Don't you have to drive the horses?' asked Jessica.

'No, they know the whole area,' answered the Guardian.

'Why is one of them blue and yellow?' asked Toby.

'Because she wanted to be, of course,' said the Guardian, 'But that's enough questions; just relax and enjoy the ride now.'

'OK,' said Toby.

'This is as far as the wagon can go,' said The Guardian, 'We need to walk a little way.  The horses will wait for my return.'

'Here's Red,' said the Guardian of the Unicorns, and then to Red, he said, 'I found these two human children in the Unicorn Grazing this morning.  They wish to enter Fairyland and so I have brought them to present to the Lady Willow.'

'Willow is not here,' said Red, 'She's gone to the Healing Grounds.  But Greenleaf can show them the way there.'

'Greenleaf!' called Red, and a young elf came running.

'Greenleaf, these human children wish to fully enter our land,' Red told him, 'So they need to meet with the Lady Willow at the Healing Grounds.  Please show them the way.'

'Certainly I will,' said Greenleaf, 'Come this way, humans.'

'Thank you Guardian, thank you Red,' said Toby, 'Bye!'

'I hope it's not too far for you to walk,' said Greenleaf to Jessica and Toby, 'I don't know much about humans, I'm sorry to say.'

'We're good at walking,' said Jessica.

'Isn't the Guardian of the Unicorns a human also?' asked Toby.

'He is half-human,' said Greenleaf, 'But we don't mention it much.  Follow me, this way.'

After a short walk through the woodland, Greenleaf stopped at a bridge.

'This is as far as I can accompany you,' he said, 'You two must walk alone through Dragon Pass.  Keep to the path, and you will come to the Healing Grounds and the Lady of the Forest.  If all goes well.'

'Thank you, Greenleaf,' said Jessica.

Tomorrow: Part Two - Dragon Pass
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