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Re: 6464 Robber's Feast
« Reply #30 on: June 06, 2019, 11:27:19 »

So they got back to me and a pic of the defective piece will suffice, at least. Now to find a way to print the attached form!

Still, from the hundreds of sets I bought along the years I’d be hard pressed to name one that came with a defective or missing piece. This one had two.
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Re: 6464 Robber's Feast
« Reply #31 on: June 07, 2019, 17:53:24 »
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Re: 6464 Robber's Feast
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Re: 6464 Robber's Feast
« Reply #33 on: June 10, 2019, 21:06:55 »
It's amazing this re-release has been around this long. Just ordered one myself now they're back in stock.

With the old village/medieval hats making a slow comeback I hope to see all of them appear eventually.
White and also red dutch like hat for women, white and also red baker hats, black jester hat (red too if you count the agostini one), dark blue? robin hood cap with yellow feather.

Still need the white veil with flat top that the fancy women had, the count hat, the high cap with feather, the robin hood cap with no feather and the blacksmith cap.

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Re: 6464 Robber's Feast
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Shipping with Belgian post probably costs more than the klicky itself.

I had to send a few kids-collars to somenone in the north of France a few weeks ago. Needed a kind of tracking or proof of shipping... so I had to send it registered.  Costed me 10 euro in total to send those few tiny pieces in a small envelope just across the border.  >:(
Meanwhile I´m waiting invain for receipt of a few small untracked packages, most probably these will (once again) never arrive  >:(

And yesterday I heard our neighbour German Post will soon raise prices again (by lowering allowed shipping volume/dimensions for specific rates) ...   >:(
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