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3-inch Glory rules
« on: December 18, 2013, 22:21:20 »
I tried posting this on Gardehwargaming but it would not let me.  On the last try, I was disconnected.  Here is my post:

3-inch Glory rules

From what I read, a company consists of 11 soldiers + 1 officer.

A regiment consists of 4 companies (48 klickies) + a mounted officer (and a standard bearer) for a total of 50 klickes.

A artillery section consists of 1 gun + 3 crew.  a battery consists of [?] guns and crew.  A artillery regiment consists of [?] batteries.

Cavalry companies are 14 troopers + 1 officer.  Cavalry regiments are [?] companies.

I like the rules and the 'feel' of them.  I have been a wargamer for over 50 years. 

So far i have 3 companies of redcoat soldiers and 1 company of redcoat soldiers in tricornes.  I do not have many 'French' soldiers, almost 2 companies.  I also have some spanish.

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