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5284+5285 Figures 4
« on: March 09, 2013, 22:52:04 »
Finally, the figures...

We started with the boys, and opened them all before passing to the girls.

This time, it was all even. And the extras were...

:o  The hair! And the alien head! Though... now we're short an alien hair.  The wizards brought extra wrist thingies.. Oh, the arms are both right ones. And with them being FREACKING DIFFERENT.. well. (I still can't believe this)

Note the little tail on the middle frame!  >:D

On to the figures... The ones we actually kept at the end.

5284 BOYS

1. Tall Clown

Since we only have one of these tall guys, we decided to keep one. It was.. nostalgic, to see those feet.

We weren't sure if we'd keep the original, and decided against it. That hair is far too rare for a clown (in red).. Same for the arms. The torso, we figured red stripes were more useful than others, so.. changed that too.

2. Mad scientist

Well, the worse news is that the head is not one of the "double" ones. He looks very drunk AND very high. That would explain the torso. The legs could be useful.. Obviously, the best part is the hair :)

So, parts, though the hair and labcoat will be used to make our own Einstein.

3. Baseball player

Well... couln't he be a bit more different than the existing one?

We're keeping one... maybe to replace one of the others. Ah, with a different hair, OF COURSE. It came with THAT one. AGAIN.

4. Wizard

The hat is gorgeous.. and the thingy to put on the belt peg.. But the colors.. WHY!? Not only they are far from pretty, they are so fracking COMMON. How many original knights are there with that torso?

Couldn't they be a bit more original, and do the wizard in... I don't know... GREY!?

The hair and beard are great though.. We didn't have that hair in grey.

He'll be parts. My sister already has a greenish wizard lined up.

Ah, and there were a couple of nice wristthings as extras..

5. Indian Chief

The half feathers are.. odd. Not ugly, but we're used to the others, looks like someone sliced it. But at least it's different! With the amount of them, it's good.

He's quite nice, and strongly resembles the indian woman from the latest egg. They must be siblings!

As you can see, they're almost twins!

We're keeping one, and most likely one for parts. Though we really didn't need more CHIEFS.

6. Roman Soldier

Well, nothing new, and again, THAT hair.

We're keeping all of them, though.. parts. To be decided later how to fit them with the others.

7. Fireman

A nice klicky, though the great neckpiece had to go - it covered the top of the logo on his chest.

We don't really need more firemen (we need LESS, actually), but.. one as is. Ah, and HE has proper hair.

Though one of the packs had the new kind, and the others the old. Odd. I guess they don't tell them apart.

8. Rapper

This one is very.. realistic. He looks as freacking ugly and ridiculous as the "real thing" (I'm being polite).

So, there was never a doubt. Parts (looks much better in parts!) The full diaper is completely useless. It would have been great, with that chain, if it were proper legs. Fortunately, it's already spoken for...

The torso... you know the savages that deface walls with scribbling? Well, the same happened to the torso. It WAS gorgeous. It's ruined. I'll try to clean it.

The tatooed arms are also quite nice. The silly kind, the same design on both arms. But that's easily fixed.

Ah, and I only solved the mystery in my hand - the "hair" piece is new. A red bandana "hair", so the hat is normal. I like it.

9. Pirate

The torso is gorgeous, especially if half cleaned. The rest is quite common. I wish the coat would be BROWN. It IS a very unusual color. That hair is also very very nice, so...

We don't need more pirates, but since it seems "unethical" the "clean" a torso without having a second one, we might keep another for parts.

10. Pilot

He's so freaking gorgeous (well, except THAT hair, but easily fixed). All the patches.. :love:  My only wish is for a female matching torso. Unlikely.

We're keeping at least one (different hair!), and one for parts - though most likely to make a second pilot. The color matches nothing anyways. :(

11. King

The cape is amazing (DUH = Freddy Mercury), and the crown is quite interesting, with the top open. And THAT hair. They must have found a warehouse full of the things. Only explanation.

However, we have too many kings already. So.. parts.

12. Alien

:love: He's GORGEOUS, and I'm utterly in love with that gun - I think it's new. However, the body is not very.. alienish. The helmet is also beatiful.

We're keeping all of them, and then some (hopefully), though we don't know if we'll keep any as is. The bodies will make for some great (White Falcon) knights.

Ah, and there was an extra head! Of course, now he's kinda bald...

5285 GIRLS

1. Rapunzel

More big skirts. Not my favorite thing. The klicky is nice though... And the hair...

When I was opening the first one, I was gonna say that it should bring an extra hair.. and.. it DID! :)

Ah, the stickers are kinda sad...

We're keeping one as is and one for parts (actually, used, mostly - on the PROCESS later).

2. Farmer

For some reason, I find her beautiful... The "hat" is really nice.

We're keeping one as is.

3. Fairy

What stands out is, once again, the hair - the color is beautiful. Strange that they give us ANOTHER greenish fairy. Though the base color of the skirt is white, so...

One as is and one for parts...

(rant: all the wings came folded in the frames. What a stupid idea. They take forever to be "flattish" again!)

4. Hawaiian

Another great idea, and well executed. The hair is also new (also in the new indians), with a peg. (BTW, if you fit the other flower there, she looks very.. SHREKish)

Love the "skirt", and the yellow undies.

We're keeping all of them...

5. Pirate

She looks beautiful, but all the torso printing (and the hole on the side) kinda limits the uses.

Still, one as is and at least another for parts (already have a custom in mind)

6. Angel

She's really gorgeous. The body is sort of... pearl - not even. The wings are new as well (though unfortunately, the kind that goes in the torso), and the hair... Gods, the hair. It's amazing. And the hairthingy too.

We're keeping all of them as well!

7. Medic

This is another I quite like, without much reason.. We'll keep her as is.

8. Snow White

As snow white, she needs fixing... Lose the crown (a real shame that hair has that ugly hole), and the mirror. The sleeves are beautiful pale yellow, and the skirt a plain beautiful shade of blue. And FLAT white shoes (we changed them, saving them for other uses).

I think the neckpiece is also new. The face is also.. recent. Shame most are just painted.

We're keeping one close to original, and another for parts.

9. Lifeguard

Well.. I suppose she should be... bigger.. But she looks really nice, and we had already made a male one, so..

One as is and one for parts (I think he'll keep the orange thingy).

10. Pippi Longstockings

Well... We're making a clown of her. A female clown was in our plans for a long time anyways.

11. Tourist

She's nice, the new head painting is really good. Shame they seem to abandon the molded heads :(  The jacket has an amazing color, and the torso some potential.

We're keeping her for parts though... We're trying to reduce modern klickys.

12. Cook

She looks very nice, though.. ANOTHER cook? Who thinks of these?

Anyways, we'll probably keep one as is. Have some undefined plans for quite a few more.

And here's the kept ones.. (traded most for common frames and heads, to use those for work in progress).

Pilor (decent hair), Lifeguard, Medic, Fireman (no neckpiece), Baseball Player (decent hair)

Hawaiian, Cook, PippiClown (new head, nose, hat, arms), Tall Clown (new hair, torso, arms), Farmer

Indian, Pirate, Rapunzel (new feet), Snow White (new head, hair and feet, no neckpiece or mirror), Angel, Fairy

And that's it.
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Re: 5284+5285 Figures 4
« Reply #1 on: March 10, 2013, 01:23:31 »
great to see these! thank you for the reviews, tahra. we're very excited to get these. what do you mean, btw, by 'half cleaning' the pirate?

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Re: 5284+5285 Figures 4
« Reply #2 on: March 10, 2013, 01:41:18 »
Oh my goodness, how can you not fall in love with Rapunzel's hair.  Snow White's outfit is nicely done as well.   Thanks for the great photos.

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Re: 5284+5285 Figures 4
« Reply #3 on: March 10, 2013, 16:20:21 »
what do you mean, btw, by 'half cleaning' the pirate?

I meant removing the lower part of the "drawerings" ;)  Leave just the "neckline" and medallion. Didn't get there yet though...

Oh my goodness, how can you not fall in love with Rapunzel's hair. 

I meant that the hair is nice - that's why I was pleasantly surprised to get an extra one in one of the packs. Though I'm not "in love" with THAT hair. I am with several others though.   :-[   And the alien's weapon.


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Re: 5284+5285 Figures 4
« Reply #4 on: March 10, 2013, 16:32:48 »
thanks, tahra. i can see how that would be quite cool.

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Re: 5284+5285 Figures 4
« Reply #5 on: March 10, 2013, 19:37:41 »
Thank you for posting these! I am a very casual collector of Playmobil as I really dont have any spare houseroom, but I have all the Romans I can find and I do like to buy the blind bags.

I'm not so keen on the girls in series 4, though I just picked up 3 bags when I was in town yesterday (I got the angel, farmer and fairy - I'm very pleased with the first two). I must get some photos of my Romans taken so I can join in with this forum more :)

I really, really love both of the pirates, the king and the Roman.

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Re: 5284+5285 Figures 4
« Reply #6 on: March 10, 2013, 19:40:56 »
Thank you for the pictures.
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Re: 5284+5285 Figures 4
« Reply #7 on: March 10, 2013, 20:53:41 »
Many thanks for the pictures tahra. There are some very nice figures in series 4. I can't wait to buy them.

  Your passion, is inspiration for us!!!!

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Re: 5284+5285 Figures 4
« Reply #8 on: March 10, 2013, 21:32:42 »
Thank you for the pictures tahra! Some interesting klickies in these series too!!!

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Re: 5284+5285 Figures 4
« Reply #9 on: March 11, 2013, 01:02:23 »
thanks for those close-ups and review of their parts :love: always happens to me....when I say I've no interest in Fi?ures series #X,
then I see them (like now) and.....resistance is futile :lol:
I've loads of questions coming up! ;)