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    • Clear the ring for PLAYMOBIL // The exhibition
Dear Playmofriends,

today I would like to announce my next exhibition taking place at the shopping center "Galerie Roter Turm" in Chemnitz, Germany. There will be 11 different showcases mostly themed to circus arts: Asian Circus, African Circus, Magic Show, Modern Circus, Water Circus, Circus Parade, Nostalgic Circus & Predator Circus.

For all visitors not specifically interested in the circus, there will be new dioramas like: PLAYMOBIL evolution, VIPs, Dinosaur Arena Show, Gladiators' Arena, Knights' Tournament, Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show, Wild Vikings, Pirates Show, Zoological Theme Park & SeaWorld. In addition, children will have fun in the play area and the Thalia shop will set up a special PLAYMOBIL shop.

Here is the official press release:

Clear the ring for PLAYMOBIL

Come on in! Oliver Schaffer's PLAYMOBIL collection takes you on a journey of discovery, offering family-friendly insights into the world of artists and animals. You will be surprised by daring circus tricks, astounding magic and fascinating animal acts. Adventurous cowboys, noble knights, brave pirates and bold vikings await you as well. The ingenious twist: Precious collectibles and magnificent costumes represent well-known companies such as Circus Barum, Knie, Probst, Roncalli and Sarrasani. Discover the history of PLAYMOBIL toys and detailed dioramas FEB 11th - 23rd, 2013 at Galerie Roter Turm in Chemnitz, Germany. For more information visit

Please find attached the exhibition poster and a preview of the new SeaWorld diorama.

Warm regards

Clear the ring for PLAYMOBIL // The exhibition

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It looks like a cool exhibition, mate. I hope it goes well! :)

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I'm sure it will be a wonderful expo. We will wait to see many pictures.
Thanks a lot.

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