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Constant Off-Topic Discussions
« on: June 04, 2011, 16:58:24 »

To All Members of Playmofriends:

In recent weeks, there has been some concern expressed over the growing trend for discussions to go completely off-topic. Many topics trail off into silly banter or aimless chats, to the point that PlaymoFriends is starting to seem more like a chatroom than a forum. This has happened gradually over time, and admittedly, certain moderators have contributed to this trend, for which we apologize.

Of course, an occasional joke or a friendly comment makes this place seem more fun and friendly. None of us want this place to be stiff and boring. But things have gotten out of hand. It has reached the point where some members are feeling like their work is not being shown proper respect, as topics containing their customs, photography, or photo stories trail off into chats having nothing to do with the original subject. To those of you who are having these feelings, we hope that you will continue to be actively involved in the forum as we seek to make a few adjustments.

To those who have developed the habit of continually going off-topic, whether it be chatting, joking, bringing up other subjects not related to the original topic, or in any way hijacking a topic, we would like to remind you of the following forum guideline and etiquette tip:

8. Try to keep on topic whenever possible. Mild diversions during discussions are perfectly human and understandable, but please remember that this is a messageboard, not a chatroom. If a topic wanders into an aimless chat between 2 or 3 members it can result in other members feeling excluded, so don't be offended if you are politely reminded by a Moderator to revert to the original topic or begin a new one.

┬Ě Stay on topic as much as possible
Please pay attention to the topic of your messages, and check that it still relates to the charter of the forum to which you are posting. If you don't know the answer to a posted problem/question or have nothing intelligent or helpful to contribute, please don't post in that topic

We have been trying to get this problem under control, but it has become so widespread, it has been difficult to keep up with splitting topics that need to be split and getting topics back on track. We are asking for everyone's cooperation in this matter. Please feel free to enjoy the humour section of the forum in order to socialize with other members, but conversations that have nothing to do with Playmobil should not be inserted into regular topics.

One more note, if you notice a discussion going off-topic, please do not post a public complaint about it in the topic. You may either go ahead and make a post related to the original topic in order to bring it back, or hit the "Report To Moderator" link on one of the posts to report the problem. You may do this even if the offender is a mod. We are perfectly willing to admit and correct our own mistakes, just as we would anyone else's.

Thank you everyone for your cooperation and assistance in trying to get things back on track. We want everyone to enjoy talking with others who enjoy their interests, but we also need to keep order and show proper respect to valuable contributions of all of our members.