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Re: JLMatterer's Collection
« Reply #170 on: June 25, 2019, 20:52:35 »
I haven't done that, yet. If it's still on display by the end of the week, I may do it then. I have a lot of non-Playmobil expenses right now (I'm disabled, so always a tight budget). BUT, the summer sidewalk sale begins this week at Deluxe, & there's always lots of Playmo for really at cheap prices. I may need to re-evaluate my economics.

If I thought it would survive the trip I'd give you the 63USD just for the whole thing and you just send me the cardboard display (i'd pay the shipping of course) and keep all the toys.

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Re: JLMatterer's Collection
« Reply #171 on: Today at 06:47:33 »
I'm sure it's a great shop, but the three testimonials on their website all contain the same basic grammatical error*, so maybe they need to get someone else to write them?

*I'm with Bill Bryson on thinking grammar is important!
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