Author Topic: why the new castles don't have a house ?  (Read 4971 times)

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Re: why the new castles don't have a house ?
« Reply #30 on: October 15, 2010, 09:52:51 »
I think the standard steck housesm single or double widht or double height are all adequate to put in some furniture and some klickies just as all the 4450-4459 houses are . I have them all and they all are absolutely fantastic with their sights, the bell of the tower watch/ prison, the smith's furnance,  the potter's stand etc etc

Therea re great steck designs that spark kids imagination and great for collector's/ enthusiasts not these rubbish modern ones that look cheap and like GI joe etc etc , absolute wrong !!!! Bring back steck i will say it forever til they bring these sets back !!!!
:knight: Steck is Holy . Bring back more steck sets and its guardians , the Nuremberg Guards :knight:

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Re: why the new castles don't have a house ?
« Reply #31 on: October 22, 2010, 14:36:41 »
I like them too. (Although I still have only one :-[ but I intend to have a few more, at least three (or four) more ...)

They're great for story-telling. You need double way lighting. I've made some tests (an unpublished story ... secondary characters ;D ), it's been great result. (I need to work more double lighting ...

I admit I haven't played with them as a child, though. We didn't have castles in Brasil, then, only in dioramas of boxes of pirate ships, and we wondered (my cousin and I) where would those lovely houses and castles be, once they weren't sold in Brasil. By then, it was very distant from our reallity, once there was no internet. (Nowadays, you know whatever you need about most everything, through the internet ... And can even get a few :) )

And they are really pretty. Playmobil never produced any sort of building as beautiful as steck system houses and castles, to me :love: