Author Topic: Novelties 2020: Jul-Sep  (Read 6862 times)

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Re: Novelties 2020: Jul-Sep
« Reply #70 on: February 12, 2020, 14:44:17 »
(GrahamB - so true - confidence in numbers!)

The Zoo sets have spare parts in Belgium. No new numbers for new animals, but it does show which animals they're re-using. And the elephant ears are available from DS, both sizes, for anyone with broken-eared elephants.

Zoo Sets Released In 2020 has catalogued over FIFTY-FIVE THOUSAND parts in more than 6100 sets. Come and visit to find any set or part numbers you need to know!

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Re: Novelties 2020: Jul-Sep
« Reply #71 on: March 06, 2020, 18:51:43 »
From the usual place: amclicks link

I will attempt to translate:


70390: Burharm Raiders' Lava Mine
70391: Novelmore Knights' Assault Tower
70392: Novelmore Knights'  Treasure Wagon
70393: Burharm Raiders' Assault Tower
70394: Burharm Raiders' Lava Catapult


70395: Xmas Market in Miradero (a place?)
70396: Concert Scene (or stage?)
70397: Winter Wagon
70398: Snips and Se˝or Carrots in Winter

Everdreamerz  ::)  (hurts my eyes)  'Comic World'
70472: Rosalee
70473: Viona
70474: Starleen
70476: Edwina
70477: Clare
70478: Surprise box

Scooby Doo

70361: Adventure in the Enchanted Mansion
70362: Adventure in the Graveyard
70363: Dinner with Shaggy
70364: Adventure in the Far West
70365: Adventure in Egypt
70366: Adventure in the Witch's Caldron


70322: Pirates
70323: Scooby Doo

My wallet wails.

As of now i have the SD van, and I must say it's a pretty faithful adaption. I look forward to the graveyard as I think that's the closest Playmobil came to making one. Unless I'm wrong?

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Re: Novelties 2020: Jul-Sep
« Reply #72 on: March 15, 2020, 20:07:17 »
Leefert, you are clearly NOT the only one! I love your footnote -  "I'm glad that I'm not the only one." I would have to steal it if you weren't already using it!

That's actually one footnote that it would make sense to steal.  8-)
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Re: Novelties 2020: Jul-Sep
« Reply #73 on: March 19, 2020, 15:07:48 »
I'm not sure if this has been posted yet, if it has feel free to take it down. But I actually came across this link with that includes some missing photos (like the princess castle)

I'm actually kind of disappointed by the overall structure. It looks just like 5142, which I already own, but with an extra tower and built in extension. It's cool that Playmobil is scaling up again though. And it appears that the color schemes are getting more balance with the interior sets...for the most part. Still a LOT of pink.

Also that beach hotel is to die for!  :love: Special thanks to amclicks for providing the princess castle's number so I could find this page.

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Re: Novelties 2020: Jul-Sep
« Reply #74 on: April 09, 2020, 10:08:42 »
Beach hotel! O wow!  :love:
I also noticed I will need to splurge and then build and entirely new zoo. Like from 1 to 5am in the morning, when there's time, you know. Who needs sleep?