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Re: The Twenty Years War
« Reply #10 on: April 30, 2019, 18:02:20 »
The reason for the darker armour is because I ran out of the light ones ::) More light plate armour, morion helmets and also floppy hats are definately on my list to get  :D
I'm hoping to buy more parts soon in order to make more Twenty Years War customs, the only thing is that I'll have to stop myself from spending too much money on this  ;D

I know EXACTLY what you mean... I hate that I am having a clicking session and ... well.. there aren't enough bracers, helmets, neckpieces, torsos, whatever..

And running a large total made of "small" items...  oh, it's just .30 eur - better get me a dozen, cause I always need those.. and some of that... and a few of those.. .wait... 300!? How did THAT happen!?  Ok, let's see what I can cut...  :-[