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Re: Playmobil in the News
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 I was intrigued by the flying ship! Here's a translation;

Play ship hovers over the schoolyard of the city school in Alsfeld

The city school in Alsfeld receives an activity ship from the Children's Foundation of Playmobil. On Monday, the twelve-meter-long two-master was delivered.

By Linda Buchhammer

ALSFELD - "A ship is coming", so went a beautiful adventure tune for months for the city school: anyone in the area of ​​Volkmarstraße / corner of Junkergarten early on Monday afternoon who witnessed a "flying Dutchman" in the air need not worry about their perception. In fact, it was the spectacular delivery of a roughly twelve-meter-long pirate ship from the Children's Foundation of Playmobil to watch. The three-and-a-half-ton wooden and fiberglass-reinforced plastic activity ship was delivered by low loader, lifted over the trees and school wall by a heavy-duty crane and placed on the pre-fabricated anchorage on the schoolyard.

"It's exciting," marveled many children from the afternoon care session, who followed the events from the locked security area behind the fences the with their eyes wide open. Meanwhile, a well-rehearsed team of employees of the delivery company - in cooperation with Alsfeld's Ordnungspolizei - ensured the smooth running of the extraordinary delivery.

Full speed ahead, the Playmobil ship hovered in the air watched by the spectators and at the same time aroused childish joy among children and adults alike. The ideas of terrifying pirates, saber-rattling buffoons, brave Pippi Longstocking, Peter Pans and Captain Hooks were not long in coming, although the children have to wait a few more weeks until the two-master and its climbing, balancing and rocking elements are anchored securely in place.

Following a tip from a friend, a resident teacher became aware of Playmobil's children's foundation and forwarded the reference to her colleagues. "We have already played with Playmobil," many teachers recalled, combining the cult of Playmobil with fulfilled childhood dreams. Soon everyone agreed that a toy ship in this format would massively upgrade the concrete schoolyard on the school grounds, and above all, offer its children many opportunities for free movement, imaginative and creative play as well as the promotion of motor development. The school had to compete with a Playmobil movie and made it to the shortlist. Afterwards, the chairman of the foundation came to Alsfeld, examined the school grounds and made his choice in favor of the Alsfeld elementary school and told head teacher Peter Schwärzel about the existing regulations. An extended dialogue involved partnership with the responsible office for schools and real estates and there was a good solution to fall protection with the ground surface design, so that nothing stood in the way of the award of the play ship.
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At that moment the ship suddenly stopped rocking and swaying, the engine pitch settled down to a gentle hum. 'Hey Ford.' said Zaphod, 'that sounds good. Have you worked out the controls on this boat?' 'No,' said Ford, 'I just stopped fiddling with them.' (With thanks to Douglas Adams)