Author Topic: playmobil: The Movie: your opinion? (WITH SPOILERS!)  (Read 5 times)

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What do you think?

Well.. the reviews are not good... and I felt like insulting the reviewers. The trailers were more promising...

If I am being realistic, I am afraid it is a great waste of opportunity.  I mean, klickys = win for me. <- period.

But... no real characters, no backstories... Some great gems there, of course, and LOADS of WONDERFUL klickys and animals and stuff that I would love to see "in the plastic"  (my wallet firmly disagrees!)

As in all movies (I think) the silly singing is mostly pointless and annoying - but that is probably just me...

Now... the greatest mystery of this... can ANYONE please explain me WHY there isn't a passport, with the stickers to fill it spread in ALL FREAKING SETS of the movie?!  Anyone? Please?