Author Topic: Pynedor's Playmobil Suggestions (Medieval, Fantasy, Natives, and more)  (Read 11556 times)

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What I'd love to see is a close fitting hood. The hood would click together around the head which would then give you a nice form fitting hood and the possibility of having each half a different colour.

That would be great. There are already bandanas which take the place of hair.

And curly toes! (On your list of things-which-have-come-to-pass)

True! I think they are only made in child-size and in pink and green varieties (in Set 5661, Set 9105, and Set 9208) now, so some better options would still be nice.

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   2. Pilgrims - a group of Medieval folk assembled to undergo a pilgrimage; they might have horses or donkeys to ride and a few small weapons to guard themselves on their journey.

I envision an entire Chaucer theme!  :yup: :cloud9:
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Dwarves are a bit of a disappointment to me. Sure there's some nice things here and there but why the heck is the big set a battletower? Why not a mine?
I really would have prefered a focus on a dwarven mine.

Big set could be the mine with a mine cart, some minerals and maybe a lift going up to a stone structure. Could be stairs leading up to the structure too, to make the mine be inside a hollow rockpiece. It could have some support beams underneath. Could be some monster inside the mine too, and some breakaway walls to different paths of the mine and maybe some hidden compartments.

Would allow for some civilian dwarves too, miners.

So far I only have the dwarf on the pony, I'm planning to get the three dwarves with the big shield too but probably nothing else.
Well I do kind of want that smaller crossbow so maybe I'll get the troll with rider.
Siege set has some nice dwarves but the siege thing itself is ugly as usual. Just give us a simple catapult or such, just something realistic!