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The trolley system Gribeauval
« on: July 02, 2017, 16:03:36 »
The trolley system Gribeauval park ammunition demonstrated great versatility, although it is primarily dedicated to the transport of missiles to siege weapons. Designed and approved for the transportation of barrels of powder, this trolley is also used for the delivery of various spare parts for carriages of the campaign and siege guns, but also to all the other cars that follow the progress of the 'army.
Particularly appreciated for its lightness, mobility and high payload capacity, this truck is often used outside of the regulatory framework for transporting various items (food, feed, tools, clothing boxes and even personal effects).
Like the ball to cart, this trolley has long existed in the artillery. The working Gribeauval and his deputies (including White, Manson and muy) is focused on the standardization and facilitating the production of this type of equipment
During the disastrous retreat from Russia in 1812, hundreds of these trucks, as well as many other cars, including guns, are abandoned for lack of horses to pull. These massive loss has a direct impact on the next campaign, that of 1813 in Germany, in which logistics is sometimes faulty

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Re: The trolley system Gribeauval
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Beautiful work, and thank you for the lesson :)

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Re: The trolley system Gribeauval
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Beautiful work, and thank you for the lesson :)

to be admired but not to be followed by me, I'm afraid of going back to plastic modelling  :P
...fantastic work, Neo!  :love:

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Re: The trolley system Gribeauval
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Amazing custom work and informative and interesting text.  Thank you again.  :wave:
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Re: The trolley system Gribeauval
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Hopperla, das muß ich übersehen haben. Eine tolle Arbeit!

Took me some time to take that in  :-[. Impressive piece of work!