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Title: "Werewolf"knights.
Post by: Erik on March 06, 2011, 19:21:40
Hi all!I wanted to break a lance for a-imho-largely forgotten faction of the Playmo-knights universe : the "Wolf's head" knights.
They're rather difficult to locate here in Belgium, you don't find them in many sets, but I think they make great mercenary/robber knights.
Their "Werewolf" look, due to their dark armour, hoods and wolf's hoods, is great to spread "fear and panic ;)" amongst my superstitious medieval Playmo-peasants and cityfolk.
Here's my not so merry band of "Werewolves", enjoy! :)
Title: Re: "Werewolf"knights.
Post by: Bill Blackhurst on March 06, 2011, 19:35:28
WOW :high5:! A great collection you have acquired of these excellent fear instilling knights! :)9
Title: Re: "Werewolf"knights.
Post by: Wolf Knight on March 06, 2011, 19:49:44
Awesome Knights!!! Of course, they are never forgotten in my book  ;)
Title: Re: "Werewolf"knights.
Post by: Elric on March 07, 2011, 00:09:14
Your collection looks great!  I have a 25 to 30 man army of these myself.
Title: Re: "Werewolf"knights.
Post by: Martin Milner on March 07, 2011, 01:18:15
One of my favorite heraldic designs, and a great collection you have there!

I never thought of them as werewolves, but now you mention it...
Title: Re: "Werewolf"knights.
Post by: WarriorOfToys on March 07, 2011, 02:34:49
I never thought of them as werewolves, but now you mention it...

Yeah same. ;D

Awesome gang there Erik. :wow:
I can definitely see them spreading fear an panic throughout the country side. :o
Excellent job.
Title: Re: "Werewolf"knights.
Post by: playmojager on March 13, 2011, 20:48:04
Fearfull gang of knights, very bad guys, excellent view !!!  :wave:
Title: Re: "Werewolf"knights.
Post by: Giorginetto on March 13, 2011, 20:54:07
Excellent warriors !!!