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Title: Part numbers and general help
Post by: EDWINMODELS on April 12, 2006, 21:25:13
I have recently picked up a scooner/pirate ship on ebay and unfortunately the masts are missing I need the main mast and the jib mast. However the instruction manuel gives the same part numbers for both I.E. 30-61-2150. I also require red cuffs which I think are 30-06-4980 and solid red collars if they were ever made ?  And if any one has the parts numbers for the special confederate/union soldier I would be most grateful. Also where do I order the parts from.
Title: Re: Part numbers and general help
Post by: playmofire on April 12, 2006, 21:44:14
The masts come as a pair from Playmobil Direct Service.  If you pick up a Playmobil catalogue, there is an insert booklet with the details of DS in the UK, and also details of the add-ons you can buy.  Alternatively you can visit and click on the union jack. 

Is it the schooner or a pirate ship?  If a schooner, spares are no longer available.  Can you post a pic of it, and then if people have plans they can let you have a copy.  30 61 2150 suggests it isn't the schooner as 8 digit part numbers are quite new.

Sorry not to be more helpful, but it's late and I've got a stinking sinus headache.  I'm sure others will add more on ordering spare parts etc.
Title: Re: Part numbers and general help
Post by: playmofire on April 12, 2006, 21:47:20
Actually, you've got one of the small pirate ships such as the red corsair and parts are still available.  What colour is the hull?

I can let you have plans if it is the red corsair or the black corsair.

This link will show you the variations on the ship:
Title: Re: Part numbers and general help
Post by: Meg on April 12, 2006, 23:47:29
I believe both versions of the pirate schooner (sloop) have been rereleased recently enoughtso that you should be able to order spare parts.

How to order them differs slightly from country to country....
But there are some commonalities for all people to follow to make things easier ....

1) IF possible organize your list by set number

In the US, the parts people can call up a parts list to a specific set and then can reference the pieces

2) Using PlaymobilDB, get as many part numbers as possible BEFORE contacting the parts dept.

(run by a very nice woman in Newfoundland)

Have a credit card ready to pay for your order.

You should find the number for the parts department in your british catalogues
Title: Re: Part numbers and general help
Post by: playmofire on April 13, 2006, 08:29:49
Here are the details for contacting the UK DS people:

Playmobil® UK Ltd.
Customer Services Department
6 Argent Court
Southfields Business Park
Essex SS15 6TH

Phone 0870 4170007

Fax (01268)548181

They will take orders by phone, but only small ones.  I use an Excel spreadsheet and email this to them at Playmobil Direct Service <> and ask them to email the cost of the order and any missing parts to me.  I then 'phone them and give my credit card details for the order, often adding other items!  You're told to expect a delivery time of 28 days from confirming your order (i.e. paying for it), but it can be only 2 to 3 weeks.  Recent orders have been dealt with very quickly, e.g. order emailed 10.00am, details of cost etc with me 2.00pm.

I have heard people complain about the service, but generally I've found it very good.  OK, sometimes items are missed off, but on a large order with 100s of bits these things happen. Sometimes I've had the worng quantity, especially of small parts, but you usually get more rather than less.  And when a problem does arise, they are happy to sort it out for you.

When an order arrives, (and I think I forgot to do this last time) after checking the order I email to let them know the order has arrived safely and to say "thank you".  (On the invoice the first name of the person responsible for the order appears, so I always personalise the thank you email with that.)

The big drag is the checking of the order, especially when it's a big one.  The part numbers on the invoice are not in the same order as the part numbers on the spreadsheet I send in, why I can't work out.  In addition, the description of the item might be in English or German or apparently a mixture of English and German (ordering regularly you soon get a strange working knowledge of German and also realise how close it is to English in many ways).   When checking the order, therefore, I sort the spreadsheet into numerical order and check from that.

Hope this helps.
Title: Re: Part numbers and general help
Post by: EDWINMODELS on April 14, 2006, 23:04:40
Many thanks for all your help. Unfortunately I have put the box in the loft now. However It was a one of set containing the ship a row-boat and an Island with the royal guards and big bertha gun. With a dark red/brown hull and a grey deck she has red sails with a skull and crossbones on the main-sail. and the number 3619 and 3133 on the first page of instructions. Kind regards Edwinmodels
Title: Re: Part numbers and general help
Post by: playmofire on April 15, 2006, 06:22:15
The red/brown hull suggests that the ship is the same a sthe Red Corsair, 3174.  In any case, the fact that the set had the big bertha gun, means it is relatively new so their should be no problem with spares.

Actually, I may have some for that particular ship.
Title: Re: Part numbers and general help
Post by: EDWINMODELS on April 16, 2006, 23:04:14
Thanks for that Playmofire (do like your pictures) as events go the seller from Ebay a nice lady called lucy as now discovered some spares. So hopefully will have all the missing parts soon. However I am intending to get a couple of different versions of this model. So if any come up short will PM you for a trade Kind regards
Title: Re: Part numbers and general help
Post by: playmofire on April 17, 2006, 06:20:59
I have the black corsair and it is spare to requirements, so let me know if it's of interest to you.  I also have a misb 3174 spare, too.