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Title: Old & New
Post by: Gustavo on April 28, 2008, 00:19:36
Does this happen with you?: to associate sets? (obviously there are sets that are related ...) What ideas do you have about sets that you think that are alike?

These two sets below aren't exactly the most similar among themselves; there are others much more alike, such as 3316 ( and 4617 (, or 3203 ( and 3755 (, which are the same. Even so, the two shown below are, in another way, very similar, although they aren't exactly the same set ...
Title: Re: Old & New
Post by: Martin Milner on April 28, 2008, 14:41:57
I like them, it shows that the same themes and ideas remain popular over the years.

I wouldn't want to buy the "classic" set now as the figures wouldn't match the current pirates, but am happy to have the chance to acquire the new set.
Title: Re: Old & New
Post by: Gustavo on May 04, 2008, 23:00:44
I feel something in common between these two sets below.

My favourite girl of the older ones is the 3336 (, but of the newer ones, I think it's this girl of 4251.

(The one of 3891 is very popular ... She's in "Night of the Reaper" (, in Just for Klicks, named as Kate :) ... Kind of thing I love to do: to give names!!! :yup: )