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Title: 9523/9524/9525/9526 By the Gods !
Post by: Romemobil on June 20, 2018, 10:28:46
Hi Everyone !

Yes indeed Hermes or Mercury if you're Roman landed today bearing gifts and I'll do a brief review of each of the sets and their contents, from the feed elsewhere here on Playmofriends these sets have been widely anticipated.

9523 Poseidon or Neptune (Roman), Standard classical figure with key design tunic and classic white toga and a gold laurel wreath to wear, he has a gold trident and the classic plinth on which to stand also included are two fish a seahorse, shell and a reed bed

9524 Hermes or Mercury (Roman), Again a classical white toga but otherwise bare chested he has a gold ringlet on which four sets of wings need to be attached also included with the classical plinth together with a gold staff, a sack and two birds 

9525 Artemis or Diana (Roman), Blonde haired female Klicky wearing purple top and shorts?, she wears a crown of quite small flowers these attach easily and securely also included is a golden bow and arrow, the classic plinth, a tree and a white stag

9526 Demeter or Ceres (Roman) Again blonde and wearing a brown classic design tunic - I really like it, also a yellow stola can be added, she carries a sickle and also included is a small lamb, melons, apples, a wheat bale and a basket together with the classic plinth.

I think the sets are great and I like the amount of accessories included too for me they will find a home in my Pantheon Temple within my provincial Roman Town



Title: Re: 9523/9524/9525/9526 By the Gods !
Post by: GrahamB on June 20, 2018, 11:30:15
Thanks for sharing! We are anticipating their arrival with bated breath!
Title: Re: 9523/9524/9525/9526 By the Gods !
Post by: Macruran on June 21, 2018, 01:29:38
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