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Here you go...this was originally an email I wrote to a friend, so it`s been copied more times than the average pirate DVD by now! Nice to see it`s still of use,though....*ahem*...I don`t actually use this method any more! I use the fold-and-lean-on-it technique.



I thought I would give this an email to itself, so you can keep it on file somewhere.

Lots of different variations on how this is done, so I`m just going to describe my method.

First thing...breakages. They do happen, but only once every thirty or so Klickies, in my experience. There are ways to minimise this.
The two bits that break most often are the legs, and internal clip or chassis. Two piece legs break most often...such as legs with boots on.

So first thing to learn is how to swop legs. Can you do this? I`ll assume not.

You need a smallish screwdriver...thin blade, about 5mm across. I have one that I slightly rounded the corners off with a file. Saves scratching.
Are you right handed? I am, so I`ll assume you are.

Get an adult klicky, lay it on its back on your desk, head to the left side, hands over its head. Insert the blade of your screwdriver vertically between the side of the legs of the figure and the white chassis part. Do this quite firmly, until you meet resistance. Then twist the screwdriver a quarter turn anti-clockwise. Legs should lever out quite easily.

If they don`t, or the screwdriver starts to scratch the figure, you don`t have the blade in far enough. It needs to be quite a thin blade....find an old, worn screwdriver.

To replace legs, you just have to hook one of the leg nobbles that act as pivot points back into the chassis, and gently push the other one in too. It helps if you do this with the Klicky lying flat on the desk as well.

This is pretty useful so far, because even just swopping legs, hair and accessories around can give figures a whole new look. Obviously you can`t put the legs of the fat-tummy figures on the standard ones, but you can take skirts off women like this, and make them into warriors etc just by putting legs on them.

Also the way to prevent two.piece legs breaking is to replace them with a pair of old one-piece legs, before proceeding to the next step.

There are lots of variations on this, which you can read up on in the Board threads. I`ve never had much trouble with this one, but it does depend on your hands, I think. It probably won`t work for you if you have hands the size of dinner plates, for example.

You need a pad of paper to protect your desk....don`t use your mouse mat..I did for a while, and I ruined it. Pad of A4 is fine.
Put the figure`s arms straight out in front of it, then make it into a sitting shape. Then cup it into your right hand, with the head of the figure just in the fleshy part below your middle finger. Curl your thumb round to keep it in place.

Here comes the hard part. You want to hit this poor Klicky into your paper pad, striking the heels at such an angle that the shock of the impact jars the head peg loose. Once you manage it once, you`ll see what I mean, so the first time is the most difficult .. (As in everything.)

Hit the Klicky into the pad of A4, aiming the legs at a 45degree angle, so the heels hit the pad hard. Do not try to ram the figure through the mat, but to let it rebound off again. Think bounce...

I`ve attached a picture of the above bit, to give you an idea of the angle. But it`s not great....difficult to take a pix of your own hand, I found out!

With any luck you just heard a soft pattering sound, as of Klicky parts falling softly onto the desk.

If no joy, try again. Don`t be afraid to use a bit of force, though it`s as much about the angle as anything. You have to work out what works for you.

(Use a Klicky you don`t mind breaking, for this attempt.)

Once you do one, you`ll do about fifty in the next ten minutes, I promise!

A note here about the chassis part, which sometimes breaks too. In my experience it`s the older, more brittle ones that break. Also I think it`s important to bounce them off the pad, not crash land them.
In addition, not all figures have the same chassis. Strange but true. Female Klickies have narrower waists, and you`ll find on reassembly that the male-type chassis won`t fit properly. Also older ones had a slightly different design. Check the fit before reassembly.

Which is easy. Fit a pair of legs onto the chassis, stand them on the table and add the torso. This is the time to add belts. Then put the arms in by lifting the torso up a fraction fro the chassis, rotating the arm connectors into place and pushing the whole lot down. You should be able to feel it sort of click together.

Good time to check the design, here, as they still come apart very easily. Make sure the arms are in properly, and that they rotate. Also females with the waisted design often have slightly curved arms, which are a left and right pair. You can end up with the curving towards the back.

Finally push the head peg in. You should hear it click (!) and seat in. If it doesn`t, it usually means that the arms aren`t in right. Or you have an improperly fitting chassis part, which can`t reach up to the top properly.


Have fun!



There was an image to go with this email, but you can`t just attach it here, can you? I`ll go and host it somewhere later if anyone needs it.

Thanks, Richard, I'd forgotten about Sven's disassembly film. :-[

And thank you, Val, for posting your instructions so promptly! :)

--- Quote from: Val on January 09, 2006, 09:00:00 ---There was an image to go with this email, but you can`t just attach it here, can you? I`ll go and host it somewhere later if anyone needs it.

--- End quote ---

You can find the attachments upload field by clicking the blue Additional Options link just below the Post Reply screen. It's a little different to other forums, so it's not surprising that some people don't find it right away. Serenity wrote some instructions on how to attach files and supplied screenshots. You'll find it in the Posting F.A.Q.  After you've read how it's done, you should be able to go back and modify your post by attaching the image so that it's all in one place. ;)

If you're in a hurry and don't want to wait until Val posts her picture, you can go HERE for a step by step illustrated tutorial ... ;)

click on graphc

And, if you want a complete tutorial for a disassembly method where (as those who have used it have reported) there's NEVER any damage to your klickys, click HERE!

Other tips

If you are working with a stout male figure, swap the legs of a regular (trim) figure in first.
It will not "crack" open with stout legs.

With older figures, it is sometimes very difficult to "crack" them.

I havent found a way to "crack" original female figures.
I almost always end up destroying the dress piece which bothers me, as I am usually trying to replicate a figure in a set, and I need specific body pieces.

Rather than using the pounding method, some people just use slow heavy pressure.
They have the klicky sitting, and then put the feet at the approx 45 degree angle and just push it down to the floor.  I have down this a few times, I actually prefer to use a vice when using this approach.  The klicky must be properly protected from damge should as scuffing.

This method does not work for original females, though


--- Quote from: Meg on January 09, 2006, 13:39:46 ---With older figures, it is sometimes very difficult to "crack" them.

I havent found a way to "crack" original female figures.
I almost always end up destroying the dress piece which bothers me, as I am usually trying to replicate a figure in a set, and I need specific body pieces.

--- End quote ---

I typically prefer the "leaning on"-method to crack the klickies...
But it is not working properly for all figures...

But for everything else...
...there is the "spanish way"!

(see here:

It is worth learning as it is the only method I never destroyed a klicky!
I recently even removed the heads from some brickled ancient klickys...

best regards


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