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Kirkbean Playmobil Festival 2016

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Thanks for that, Walter.  I hope to post the Islands Railway layout in detail this coming week.

I'm so sorry to hear about the loss of your husband, Elaine.

I hope your event went well and look forward to seeing all the pictures!

Thank you Salamander. 
The festival went really well this year, we managed to raise over £2000 for hall funds.
A very big thank you to Walter and Marion and Gordon and Diane without whose help it would not have been possible.
I have spent most of the last week putting everything away in the right tub ready to go back into storage on Monday  :'(
I'll try and sort my photos out after that.

Hi Elaine,
Your PM inbox is full.) I have moved from Knaresborough to D&G. We moved into a house on Queensberry Terrace, Cummertrees in December 2020. If you need help at the next Kirkbean event let me know. 
Mark Firth

I have sent you a message Mark.
I have had trouble logging into Playmofriends so haven't been on here for a while. Things seem to have sorted themselves out no though so I am back  :wave:


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