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Captain Henry:
About a year and a half ago I won an auction for some of the older blue Playmo passenger coaches. When I received them I was shocked and surprised. Surprised, because one car looked like it had never been removed from the box and was in beautiful condition. Shocked because the other car looked like it had been forgotten in the garden and left in the sun for years!

There wasn't much I could do, except a total repaint. So, I bought some colors I though would look nice and started spraying. Here is the process, and the result...

Captain Henry:
The final product.

She is a very pretty passenger car

Great paint job, Henry!

I read that you are using Krylon's Fusion in spray cans. I've not used it yet, but I understand that it's supposed to be terrific.

Rob (Mansion Buider) wrote that he had found a paint for plastics that will not peel or scratch off. And, I saw that you had asked him what he's using. I hope that he answers you, as I have an airbrush and would like to try it and compare it to the Fusion paint.

Thanks for showing us how to bring a railroad car back to "life" ...  :)9

All the best

Thanks an excellent repaint, and a very impressive colour scheme.  Clearly a high class rail system.  I very much like the gold coachline an grab handles.


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