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Captain Henry:
When you see where this layout ran, you'll understand why my wife insisted it be temporary! :lol:

I ran it through the office, into and out of the master bedroom, through the hall and around the stairs and back into the office. It was very cool, and I am actually surprised I was allowed to keep it up for several days!

So, don't let a lack of space keep you from setting up a layout. Even if it is only for a day or two, it is FUN! ;)

Captain Henry:
And here is a goofy photo I took while that layout was set up - I was experimenting with b/w and slow shutter speeds...

No Fair,
your bedroom is cleaner than mine   :P

Hello, Cap'n ...

Yes! I definitely want to be one of your kids when I grow up! ... :wave:


Thanks for the photos, Henry!

All the best,

Nice layout, Cap'n, though I think your wife was a bit unreasonable  ;D

I like the experimental photo, too.  Presumably you always managed to get out of the way before the train hit you!


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