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--- Quote from: Tiermann on February 17, 2006, 00:23:15 ---I cetainly am interested in many of those topics.
Perhaps I will start a thread with my biggest need in it. :)

--- End quote ---

Thanks, Tim ... :)

Captain Henry:
Thanks for posing the question Richard. Let's see how much response we get.

I for one, have always loved model railroading. When I was a kid I had an HO layout on a 4x8 sheet of plywood. As an adult, I began collecting N scale, since I wanted to have a large layout in a small area. And now that I am child again ;) I am collecting the Playmobil G scale trains. i still think the N scale trains are wonderful, but they are too delicate to share with my kids. And by the time the kids are old enough for N scale, me eyes will be too old for it! ;D

So, G-scale (specifically Playmobil) it is. I am in the (always ongoing) process of clearing some space in the basement in which to build my layout. When I am done, I hope to have an area about 24 feet long and anywhere from 6 to 8 feet wide. One of the things I need to do is incorporate storage (lots of it) beneath the layout, because I cannot just lose that floor space, it will have to serve double duty. As far as outdoors, I do not have a lot of level space, but there is an area where I could put a temporary oval. Last fall I planted some plants that I have fallen in love with, called nandina. They are beautiful, perfectly formed Playmobil scale trees! Very cool! :)

Anyway, I'd be very interested in participating in any type of discussion involving Trains! And, as Tim did, I will start a few thread to promote that discussion, as well as show off some old pix I found when I was cleaning up some files. Some of you may have seen them, but I hope you feel they are worth seeing a second time!

Thanks again, Richard!

Hi Playmofriends,

im a very big fan and collector from playmo-trains and LGB trains so let us discuss all topics here !!

Great idea Richard lets start !!

gentle greets



--- Quote from: Customizer on March 28, 2006, 20:42:15 ---
Great idea Richard lets start !!

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How about sharing some fotos of your trains with us, Andi? ... :)



I am interested in both g-scale trains and playmobil I have tried various different types of trains and am now returning to LGB. One problem I had was deciding between realism and playmobil. So have now decided to have a smaller collection and have a bit of both. As for running a train from your pc LGB make a control system called MTS or multi train system. Whereas each loco is fitted with a decoding chip. So instead of the traditional transformer supplying power to the loco and you requiring isolating sections to stop the power going to stopped locos you have power constantly on and the individual locos pick up on the pulses been sent down the track to the locos decoder that has been preset to pick up on a particular code. If you do a search for the 'G SCALE SOCIETY' you will see various layouts with lots of playmobil accessories. Including my friend Pat's. He is a Clown/children's entertainer based in Edinburgh and has a playmobil circus which his trains run around.



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