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Hello, Playmofriends ...

I could start a poll, but I would much rather read everyone's thoughts about this.

A lot of us get excited about Playmobil trains as the Christmas holiday approaches. Then after Christmas the interest in toy trains seems to fade for some. But, then again there are a few of us who want more than just a loop of track, once a year, around the tree.

If there is enough interest, i would be happy to start a "how-to" discussion here.

There is so much available, that it's almost mind boggling.

First, there are the track options. There are turn-outs (switch track, points), cross tracks, different radius curves, extendable straights, etc.

Then, there's the power! Different size (and voltage) transformers (transformators), power blocks, electric switches, magnetic trips, accessories, and so on ...

Finally control! Do you only want to vary the power to the track by moving a lever on your power source? Or, do you want complete control by sending an RF (radio frequency) signal down the track directly to the locomotive (engine, lok)?

Of course there are other considerations as well. Are your trains indoors, outdoors or both? (If you have your trains outdoors, do you want to have a garden railroad with plants and little streams and ponds? If your trains are indoors do you have, or want, a table or an overhead layout?) Are your trains modern, historical or fantasy? What do you want your scenery to represent (mountains, desert, city, rural, tropical, winter, etc.)?

What I have just written are only a few of the many topics that we could discuss here. Some of you might want to mount a video camera in the front of your train so that you can have an engineer's view of your railroad. And, there may even be a few of you who would like to control your train with your computer. (There's software available to do this. There's also software available to create your own track plans complete with accessories and scenery.)

Did I mention customizing? Or, collecting?  ... ;)

Please let me know how many of you are interested, so I'll know whether or not to actually begin a "how to" discussion here.

All the best,

I am intrigued
But I am only one person
And my plans for setting up the train(s) lie off into the "future"

My interested are in indoor setups, and that includes overhead rails, too

Hello  Richard  :)

I think it would be a great idea to start a discussion. I have allways been interested in real railways as well as 'OO' Gauge model railways. My downfall was that i have allways liked scale and to an extent realism. When i had my model railway i wanted to run full length trains but knew this would never be possible. I could never pretend that my freight train pulling 10 coal hoppers was actually pulling 34. I could not even decide on a layout because i wanted to model lots of different things that would be just impossible on a 8'x4' board. Sadly everything was packed away and my love for model railways faded to be replaced by Playmobil.
Until recently i have not been drawn in to making a Playmobil railway as i allways preferred modern traction. Then Playmobil started to tempt me with the NEW sets which finally include a realistic modern passenger carrage. The fact that this is after all Playmobil means i can finally get over my 'scale' / 'realism' issues and run smaller trains. With this in mind any information, tips and tricks you can offer would be very interesting and much appreciated. It would be great to have a Playmobil railway running through my garden and i am intrigued by how you could run one from a PC.

Kindest Regards  Tim  :wave:

Hello, Meg and Tim ...

Thank you both for responding. But, as Meg said, she is only one person. And, unless there's more interest, maybe a "how to" for Playmobil trains should wait until PF is a bit larger and there's a few more members who are interested in Playmobil trains.

In the meantime, maybe some interest can be encouraged by posting articles and photos. I will stay on the lookout for things about Playmobil trains.

Thanks again, Meg and Tim.

All the best,

I cetainly am interested in many of those topics.
Perhaps I will start a thread with my biggest need in it. :)


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