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--- Quote from: Nibor on November 20, 2005, 08:00:33 ---Playmofire, you`r absolutely right, he is someone to keep friends with, otherwise you may find a burning torch in your bedroom! >:D

--- End quote ---

No need for that - we have central heating! ;D

 HAHAHA! :lol: Good answer, Playmofire!

I commented on your new avatar in another topic.

I like his menacing evil ways.

He is not one I want to meet on at night, alone.

I like your avatar as well...  :wow:

I hope, he will not pass along mine in a bad mood... :omg:

So do you have a bigger picture of him?
It looks like a great setup as well. What is in the backgorund?

You are very talented, I like the whole perspective very much!


Great that you all likeit, thanks for saying the nice things :). Hahaha, yes, he lookes dangeous, doesn`t he? The background is just a window of the old castle. :)


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