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The Wizard of Oz - Perfect for Playmobil?

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Hello Playmofriends! :wave:

I was recently thinking about what sorts of licensed sets I might like to see from Playmobil, and for some reason my mind settled upon the idea of The Wizard of Oz —specifically the 1939 film (though sets based upon the original L. Frank Baum series would not be unwelcome). Not only do I feel that Wizard of Oz themed sets and figures would be a commercial success for Playmobil, but I think it would provide some awesome and imaginative pieces that would delight both collectors of Playmobil and the mainstream market.

First of all, the 1939 The Wizard of Oz film is considered an absolute classic in America (though I can't speak to its popularity in Europe). The characters from the movie are instantly recognizable by much of the American public (therefore iconic), and there is a captive market of people who collect memorabilia and merchandise related to the film. Second of all, the film and its related merchandise appeal to many older people due to the nostalgia factor, while also relating to children because of its whimsical and wholesome nature.

There are so many iconic characters in the film that could easily be translated into the Playmobil world while also exploring new custom pieces or accessories; the figures could be released individually, in groups, or included in sets. I'm getting a bit excited imagining some of the possibilities:

* Dorothy, with her blue gingham dress and ruby slippers, would be super easy to create from existing pieces while still creating an instantly recognizable character.
* The Scarecrow. Has Playmobil ever created stalks of corn?
* The Tin Man. With his oil can, of course. Perhaps his round torso could be achieved with two pieces that click together similar to the hoop skirts.
* The Cowardly Lion, with a hat piece making up his lion's mane. Have there been any figures with tails? The devil figure had his attached to a cape. Perhaps a similar effect could be achieved here with a "cape" of fur?
* Glenda, the Good Witch of the North. Would be an awesome figure, with her giant poufy ballgown with poufy sleeves, tall crown and big magic wand. I would love to see this one.
* The Wicked Witch of the West. Playmobil has made a few witch characters already, but I don't believe any have taken on the iconic green skin with the black conical brimmed hat, have they?
* The Munchkins. I want to see Playmobil versions of the Lollipop Guild and the Lullaby League!
* The Wizard and his old-fashioned hot air balloon.
There are also the "regular" characters at the beginning of the film that could nonetheless make cool characters (and might be able to work into the Victorian/1900 sets). For instance, I would love to see Almira Gulch and her old-fashioned bicycle make an appearance. It would be nice to have Auntie Em and Uncle Henry as well. And they could re-use the gypsy wagon from the cancelled Everdreamerz 4 for Professor Marvel.

There are so many cool sets that I imagine Playmobil could make based on the film as well.

* Think of the Emerald City recreated in Playmobil!
* Munchkin City (in the county and the land of Oz) could be such a fantastic and whimsical set!
* The Witch's Castle, along with her winged monkey minions.
* The Gale Farm. Would be a cute, simple farmhouse that could work into the Western or 1900 sets.
I would love to hear what you guys think, and any other ideas you have for Wizard of Oz-related Playmobil pieces!

Would love to see this of course. The farm is easy, thry could use the existing Western farmhouse.

I oppose this on my principle that I don't like fictional licenses in PM, but apart from that I agree that it would make for a rich and interesting theme, with many potentially good looking klickies. However I wonder what the status of the license is - is it in the public domain?

The Baum books were published between 1900 and 1920, so they should be public domain. A license wouldn't be needed as long as the theme side-stepped anything specifically from later adaptations (e.g. the ruby slippers). Sometimes companies will hold trademarks for specific phrases/images associated with a public domain work (ex. the Beatrix Potter publisher is sitting on some Peter Rabbit trademarks), so that would have to be researched.

It's an interesting idea, although thus far Playmobil hasn't created a large theme for the American market, and the Wizard of Oz is very American.

I like this idea! I would guess the 1939 film is probably better known than Heidi, Spirit, HTTYD, Ghostbusters, BTTF and Scooby Doo.
The sequel 'Return to Oz' has many further PM possibilities; Tik-Tok, the Wheelers, Mombi (interchangeable heads!), Jack Pumpkinhead (already done as a Scooby Doo 'ghost'), even The Gump.


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