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Love the pictures and the stories:)

Alright Iíll admit that I had no idea what was going on with these great pictures at first. I was like, cleaning out your Victorian mansion? Have people taken these pictures in the past, do you have a Victorian mansion or is it the set you referenced...confusion has mostly passed and now realize my brain still has a lot to learn : )......anyway, these pictures are great, a lot of talent and the background stories add a lot as well. Great job!

Thank you to everyone for the very kind and encouraging comments!  :love: I am definitely not a photographer, so I am still learning how to take decent pictures of Playmobil, as well as working out things like proper lighting, angles, and photo editing. I am definitely having fun experimenting, and I am glad that these are enjoyable to others. Feel free to offer any ideas or suggestions (as well as critiques)!

--- Quote from: playmovictorian on May 25, 2021, 05:57:48 ---I adore your creative work in terms of the treatment you applied to these wonderful pictures  :love: :love: :love:

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Thank you! I am using a combination of Adobe Photoshop CS3, and the VirtualPainter program. I am looking forward to trying out the programs you mentioned in another thread!

--- Quote from: playmovictorian on May 25, 2021, 05:57:48 ---Are you on Instagram at all ?

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I am, but only as a personal account that posts pictures of historical buildings and houses in my local area. I would consider setting up a secondary account for Playmo-pictures if that is the sort of thing that might be enjoyed there.

--- Quote from: PlaymoGuardian on May 27, 2021, 10:13:01 ---Alright Iíll admit that I had no idea what was going on with these great pictures at first. I was like, cleaning out your Victorian mansion?
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Sorry for the confusion!  8} When initially creating this thread, I wasn't sure whether to include it under the "Photography & Graphics" category or the "Story-Telling" category, as it is a bit of both. I ultimately decided on the former, since the main focus was the pictures and graphics, and the story was more of a narrative framework to give context to the pictures. Plus, that's kind of how I've always played with my Playmobilógiving them elaborate and probably unnecessary histories and backstories. When I was a child and mostly played with the knights sets, I would often put my Playmobil on trial for treason or witchcraft and sentence them death, complete with a public execution. Of course, this was in the days before taking pictures was as simple as it is now, so I have no documentation of these events (Which is probably a good thing  :P ). Now, I'm mainly obsessed with the 19th century. I do own the Victorian mansion (set 5300), but I don't want to post pictures of it until the renovations are complete, which will probably not be until late summer.  ;)

Great pictures, it seems you have many sets and accessories according to the pictures! I'm looking forward to see more hidden treasures ;)

No I think I was the only one confused at first, my brain is just slow. I think it is all terrific and I love the history/backstories you have provided. Well done!..


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