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What could they do with the next batch of pirates?

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--- Quote from: PlaymoCollector on November 26, 2019, 17:15:30 ---I've got to say, your sketches sell the idea really well. Now, where do we sign up for this to be produced?  ;)

I think it is particularly commendable you didn't go overboard with the dimensions. Though larger than any ship Playmobil ever produced, it is still a rather compact design and I could see it hitting the shelves, should the toys market take a different direction in the upcoming years. I for one would love building up a crew for such a ship!

--- End quote ---

Thank you for your compliments, they truly uplift me!  :-[ When I design things like this, I try to keep feasibility and play-value in mind. It would be nice if these were to see the light of day on shelves. I'm half tempted to start a survey to see just how well it'd be received.  ;)

I like your designs. However, the ship could be a bit longer for my taste.  ;D


--- Quote from: hauden_lukas on November 27, 2019, 05:57:20 ---I like your designs. However, the ship could be a bit longer for my taste.  ;D

--- End quote ---

Eh, true. I kind of need to do it anyway if I want to keep three masts (which I do).

So I have another idea. I know that ghost pirates are a controversial sort of topic here, but hear me out. I agree that they seem out of place at first because it's fantasy but i still like them though, but I would argue that it was their execution that was rather...bland. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love the giant creatures they come with, especially that whale skeleton. It's just that I think it would've been better if they paired them up with other individual pirate sets rather than release them as their own line. Then round up the ghosts into their own set.

So...what if there was a shipwreck. A REAL shipwreck. I'm taking inspiration from 6481 and the ruin from 3951 and making them BIGGER. It could look like a ship that was broken in half upon the rocks. The masts are broken and what's left of the sails is in tatters; the ratlines hanging uselessly. The deck is pierced with holes and chunks missing from the hull, the figurehead a sorry sight. Below could resemble a normal ship with more wear. I'm digging the idea of a brig with bars made with bone. The captain's cabin in disarray, maybe a long-lost captain's log of the crew's fate. Crabs crawling around, picking at the bones that litter its final resting place. And of course your ghastly crew with rags colored other than GREEN.

I'm sure there's more I could add. But bottom line, I think this could work under pirates. After all, tall tales and ghost stories were a part of the lives of superstitious sailors. The Flying Dutchman anyone?

Just needs some polish and rethinking is all.

Love the idea of a ghostly shipwreck! (I know nothing of the controversy being relatively new here).  I don't have the 4801 > 4806 sets, I really like the idea of them, but the execution was definitely lacking.  The whole theme has a lot of potential though.


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