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 :munch:  You can now vote for the winner of the Movie themed Photocontest!   :munch:

Pick your three favourite photos from now until Saturday 24th of 2016, one week from today.

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Free Willy


Forrest Gump


"Stwike him, centuwion!"

The Stoning Scene from Life of Brian

Strength and Honor

The Circle of Life

3:10 to Yuma

Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets  - "...Lost control of the trolley" Harry gasped...

There's a lot of great entries!

I'm sorry that I missed this one. I've been too sick for the past few weeks to get out & take pictures.  :( I started a new med 2 weeks ago & it's very hard. I've become hypoglycemic after being hyper for many years & I'm exhausted. All the entries are great & I look forward to voting.

Only a few hours left to vote for your favorite photos  :wave:

I wish every participant to know that in my heart I voted for all of you.


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