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This could be a fun thing that we do. Basically the idea is we take pictures of a PM thing on top of or near a real world thing that it is a copy of. I'll go first.

Here is the fireplace in my house, with A TINY FIREPLACE ON TOP OF IT. Note that I have got the bucket and fire tools there too. :D (Yes I missed a trick with the plant and candles, but those are recent additions.)

I did think of making a steck copy of my own home but dont think I want to spend the space and mpney ;D

Greta idea it's a really good way of showing the scale of Playmobil items I've always liked taking photos of Action Men and Playmobil guys  with real life objects to show scale. I can already think of some tools my guys can pose with next to their real life equivalents wheelbarrows, secateurs and axes/hatchets spring to mind.

Three quarters of a million points to the first person to do a water buffalo!

Is there a Playmobil water buffalo? This challenge is impossible on both levels  ;D


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