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Hello from Kirkland, WA, USA

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Hi there, my name is Angela. I didn't have Playmobil growing up and only discovered it when my own children were small. They've moved on from it, but I haven't. :lol:

My current focus is building a Victorian Mansion extra floor (or two) from pieces of other sets. I've come up with a way to cut a single double-window panel into two single-window panels, so that they can be plastic-welded to connectors, since the triple-window panels are virtually impossible to acquire.  I have also painted the exterior walls of my extra tall mansion with a fine textured Krylon type paint to resemble stone (and to cover up the fact that the various panels I'm using are a variety of shades of faded, sun bleached, and dye lots).  The outside will look "vintage" and the interior will be "updated for the modern family" kind of thing.  I've also re-papered all the interior walls AND the attic!

I'm less interested in owning All The Bits than I am in modifying, creating, inventing, and miniaturizing, and I'm having a grand old time.

So hello! So glad to have finally made it on here!


Welcome from Portugal!

Looking forward to pics of that mansion (and hopefully of the making of too) :)

A very warm welcome to you Angela from Marlow on Thames  :welcome: :wave:

I am so happy that another Victorian fan has joined the forum !

I love your idea of customising the Victorian mansion and cannot wait to follow your project  :love:

Wishing you hours and hours of fun !

Karim :gent:

Welcome from the Netherlands. Looking forward to seeing pictures of your mansion and the making of  :D

Welcome! The stone appearance on your building must look very nice! :)


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