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New rereleases of classic klickies?


I don't know if this is ancient news, or what. I was just scraping images from the Playmobil website and I found these. I put the set numbers in the caption for each image. I wasn't able to find any of them on Klickypedia.

Edit: I just found 80333 on Klickypedia. It says 2011. So maybe all of these are from that time, but not all of them are listed there.

Edit 2: I found the rest of them on Klickypedia. Their set numbers are listed as 00000. Maybe the info I found here will be helpful in updating that.

I think these were ceramic or something, rather than actual Playmobil (and possibly a bigger scale than normal figures)

They're resin "statues" made by a French firm called "Leblon Delienne", called "Playmobil collectoys".
They're about 30 cm high.
They're not actual "official Playmobil", so there's no Playmobil setnumber. 

Yes, they are lovely... I have a few of those :love:

Unfortunately - FORTUNATELY!!! screams my wallet - Leblon Delienne no longer has the playmobil licence... I have none of the new plastoy ones.


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