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Playmobil Fi?ures series 22 "Judge".

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"Court is in session"!!!
Got a "Judge" Fi?ure from the upcoming series 22 delivered to me today (and a spare copper hammer and bell).
A very cool figure imho, with or without the toga.   :)

Cool! Very nice figure!! And I am impressed by your "special connections". Thanks for showing (off) ;D

I LOVE the arms..

There have been quite a few of s22 figures and parts appearing on ebay...

Is the hammer and bell the mold from the Western Schoolhouse that didn't get included with the prerelease set a few years back?
Cool figure, thanks for sharing him.

Nice early find!

--- Quote from: tahra on May 03, 2022, 17:36:04 ---I LOVE the arms..

--- End quote ---

Those are the only parts I'd probably want from this one. :)


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