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Self-portrait klickies


I think the concept of an artist klicky in the clothes in which they've painted themselves is a winning concept - Dürer, van Gogh, Rembrandt - and I'm a bit surprised other museums and galleries haven't embraced the idea and partnered up with Playmobil. The Prado, Uffizi and National Portrait Gallery (among others) could all do smart trade IMHO. I've recently posted an article suggesting some early modern artists I'd like to see given the Playmobil treatment. What are your thoughts? Who would you like to see?

I think there will be a line there. 19th century and earlier is easy. More recent artists though will have estates or other organizations with ownership rights over their likeness and we are back into licensing territory. Andy Warhol for instance would certainly require licensing for a commercial product like a toy.
In the case of Van Gogh it is an owner of one of his self portraits licensing the Klicky representing that portrait. So museum involvement would be mandatory.

Leonardo da Vinci is the obvious easy one

Beyond him I think Claude Monet  and Toulouse Leutrec would be pretty easy and popular.

Those are some great suggestions, drbatesy! I definitely agree with the inclusion of Hans Holbein the Younger on your list. I am always a fan of the "cultural heritage" and historical klickies, and the painters/artists are extra fun because they particularly focus on the inclusion of direct historical references.

Personally, I would stretch the list to include artists up to around 1920 in order to explore a wider variety of artistic styles and fashions. It might also be interesting to explore artistic klickies beyond the strict "self-portrait" concept and include more general "artistic depiction" klickies (like the Night Watch and Marten & Oopjen sets). A great example would be the images in the wonderful gallery you linked to on your blog.

That being said, I might add:

* Lucas Cranach the Elder, possibly modeled after the c.1550 portrait by his son
* Sofonisba Anguissola, perhaps based on her 1556 self-portrait. Maybe they could make klickies of her sisters Lucia, Minerva and Europa based on her c.1555 painting "The Game of Chess."
* Philipp Otto Runge, possibly with his wife Pauline and brother Daniel, as in his 1805 portrait "Wir Drei" ("We Three").
* Caspar David Friedrich, perhaps based on this 1802 self-portrait with an interesting cap or this 1810 self-portrait with scraggly beard.

Anguissola was on my shortlist  ;)

No doubt the 'painting come to life' will be a future wishlist on the blog. I need to get hold of the Rijksmuseum's klickies but they're not shipping to the UK now because of Brexit  :'( I need a Dutch agent ...



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