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Ye Gods! An Olympian Appreciation

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Thank you for the review!

I always thought she should be in browns or greens - foresty like colors..

I still have hope to round up enough of her legs for a legion though... :P

A foresty coloured Artemis is a good idea! As is a purple legion  :roman:

Those are Artemis' kickboxing clothes.  ::)

Apollo must have been challenging. He's generally depicted stark naked with a bit of cloth, covering not much. :lol: I don't hate what they did, but it would look more suitable if the top and the bottom were the same color (as if it's a continuous piece of cloth, rather than him wearing a skirt and a tank top). The giant trim could be toned down. I would have made the laurels green (since they come from a myth where someone turns into a laurel tree).

It would have been interesting to have them as a coordinating pair: Artemis in a silvery short tunic and Apollo in gold.

The deer is lovely, and it's a nice change to have the bow and arrows in silver. It's a shame Apollo didn't come with an animal.


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