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--- Quote from: tahra on March 02, 2021, 14:58:10 ---I emailed them last night about it...  didn't get a reply.. but it WAS fixed, so..

Had a problem with payment, but they answered promply. Can we hire them for playmobil iberia, PLEASE?

--- End quote ---

Oh!!! That´s a good suggestion!!!

Which part do you need to implement in Playmobil Iberia?

a) Customer service team that responds quickly and effectively.
b) Possibility to buy online the Schiller figure (like Bach or Goethe) on and pages.
c) Predisposition and proactive attitude towards the launching of Iberian promotional figures (Viriato, Magellan - Elcano duo, ...)
d) All of the above are correct.


--- Quote from: NICO on March 03, 2021, 08:59:47 ---Which part do you need to implement in Playmobil Iberia?

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e) Actually READING an email, and fixing the problem, not taking 7 years (or whatever it took).
f) Actually reading an email and replying, sorting the problem, in a timely fashion.


--- Quote from: NICO on March 03, 2021, 08:59:47 ---Which part do you need to implement in Playmobil Iberia?

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I love playmobil. I am very polite and I don't mean to be rude, but I have several points to add to this subject:

g) please hire a professional to correct the website, it's full of mistakes in Portuguese, and half is in Spanish. Preferably someone who can read and write in European Portuguese instead of Brazilian Portuguese (it reads very differently).

h) Please correct the name of the 70467 set, it still reads today "Hércules, doze escrituras", which means "scripts/scriptures", as e.g. in the Bible, that's not acceptable. It's easy, e.g. even Wikipedia can show the translation of "The Twelve Labours of Heracles" just by changing the language setting.

i) please get a Portuguese contact-number for your clients in Portugal instead of just a Spanish one - international calls are expensive, especially when the client has to wait a long time until the call is accepted.

j) Please avoid hanging up the phone immediately after the client asks if the employee speaks English (happened to me twice already).

l) if you do forward the call to someone who speaks Portuguese, please make sure that this employee understands European Portuguese, preferably knows about the articles playmobil sells and, if doable, has access to the emails they've sent to the service.

m) If a client writes a nice email to the "Pressestelle"-contact informing about several Portuguese-language mistakes on the website, and offers to help for free, answer them - even if to decline the offer, just because it's good manners.

n) Please read the emails, specially about parts wrongly delivered or missing, before sending the order to Germany, that will arrive many weeks later probably with the wrong parts. Again. Unfortunately, this happens a lot and can go on for months.

o) Please answer the emails when the client asks a simple question, instead of just sending the standard text that "the email was correctly received" and the parts have been "ordered to Germany with the order-number so-and-so". If possible, stop sending this standard text in Spanish, to Portuguese clients that ordered at the website. Please note that Portuguese and Spanish are different languages.

p) Please read the emails. It saves time and patience to both the client and the company.

Does someone know if this set will also become available on the Playmobil site?

Speedyben- its unlikely anyone knows the answer yet. Some exclusive figures remain available only from the original organisations which commissioned them. Others are sold by Playmobil. If you are keen, buy one now while they are still available!

Tahra and Luftgaengerin-

q) act like you give a damn about your customers!

From what you have said (and mentioned in previous contributions), I find the behaviour of and quite appalling and arrogant. I hope they read this, but they won't change even if they do read it. Isn't there some EU law which makes it illegal for them to botch the language of a member state, let alone conflate two different languages? Or is there a Portuguese organisation which seeks to promote the European form of the language? You could report them!


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