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I think it would be great for playmobil to expand their medieval world. Generally any playmobil or lego line comes out with new versions of the exact same subjects. There are new castles, new siege equipment, a new blacksmith, and new figures. I, for one, would truly appreciate new sets designed around other aspects of daily life. It might be nice to have some significant farmland and everything belonging to such an adventure with which to feed my lands and animals (of course once my newly started collection gets big enough for there to be a need for such). How about some form of monastery (this could be introduced as multi tiered to help honor various religions: monastery, mosque, etc...)? I’m certainly not asking for a privy extension to adorn the wall of a tower, but perhaps there are other directions we can travel towards. Also, as far as the battle which may or may not exist between toy manufacturers...if playmobil were to commit to such diversity in set design, they would immediately stand out in the world of toys- and I don’t think that would be bad for marketing... Any thoughts/ideas?

Medieval farm and medieval monastery would be AMAZING.

Will never be made but a big Crusades theme designed by specialist would be brilliant.

I'd really like to see medieval knights and lords with historically accurate heraldry.

Hildegard von Bingen special, anyone?  :wave:

Yes I definitely agree with your additions. Crusades would be beyond epic, I believe they already have a few figures they could spin off of...I understand why perhaps they wouldn’t touch on the crusades, but I mean monastery and mosque series would be something relatively untouched (and it could even be a bit of a cross over dipping their toes in the crusades period without actually diving in)...


--- Quote from: Macruran on February 10, 2021, 06:18:15 ---Hildegard von Bingen special, anyone?  :wave:

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Good idea! A 12th Century singer-songwriter.

I would be awesome if they would release a tournament promo-pack (and some medieval citizins and farmers ;D )


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