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A hard to find Circus tool for the knife thrower

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I think this forum is a good place to put photos of hard to find/strange pieces that have already been identified.

From this set 3545, the knife thrower is a cool addition.
He has a special tool to hold the knives, and one special knife that has a handle on the blade

The first photo is a photo of the knife holding tool.  It is shaped like a D and has a small handle.  There is a groove along the straingt edge to hold the knifes

The second photo is a photo of the tool and knives the knife at the left is a grey knife. The knives included with this set were even lighter in color than gray.  The two knives at the right are original knives.  The middle one still has its handle and is the knife that the thrower has in his hand.  The knife on the right has lost its throwing handle.

The last photo shows the tool being used with black knives.  I didnt have enough white knives when I took this photo.

Also, for perfectionists/obsessive-complusives, I recently got this set MIB.  It was a later issue and the figures all had movable wrists.  The whip that was included was not the light gray/white whip as appears on the box cover, but the normal brown whip found in many sets.

The thumbnail pics can be clicked on to get full size photos

Thanks for the great photos Meg! This is indeed a hard piece to obtain.

You are so lucky to have a MIB set (though I'm sure I'd open self-restraint!  :-[)

I have allways wondered how the guy could hold the knifes the way he does on the box. But this explains it  ;D Thanks for posting the pictures.

Wow, that is cool.  I'm always impressed with the detail in Playmobil.  I love the Shepherd with the spade/staff.

I was also puzzled by that problem, too
I found this piece in an odd lot that I had purchased on Ebay and wasnt even sure it was playmobil.  Luckily, I am a pack rat comcerning plastic pieces, these days ;)
When I realized what it was, I had to go searching for it in a big box of stuff, and eventually found it.
I was very proud of myself for not throwing it away.

I agree with you that shovel spade thing is a great accessory for the shepherd.

I need to get the camera out and post some other cool circus accessories, from the acrobats.


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