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On April 26th I emailed a parts order in to UK DS at 09:54 and got confirmation and payment arrangement details at 10:34.    I paid that afternoon and was told delivery would be by UPS within 14 days.

On 3rd May, UPS told me a parcel was coming and would be delivered on Friday, 6th May between 10:45 and 14:45.  There was a bit of a worry on Thursday, 5th May, with a message from UPS warning that traffic disruption on Eurotunnel meant that delivery would be delayed by one business day. 

However,  today, Friday, 6th May, there was another update from UPS that the parcel would be delivered today as previously promised parcel between 10:45 and 14:45 and it arrived at 12:00.

Good service from both Playmobil UK and Germany and UPS.

Thanks for this, good to know. I ordered parts via Playmobil Italy and got them sent to my parent's place as I didn't think Playmobil UK was providing this service!

Did you get the UK DS email from the main website?

I'm slightly confused why they're not officially offering the Spare Parts Service but are doing it manually. I assumed it was Brexit-related somehow, but seemingly not if they can just bypass it?

I think they have only just managed to alter their systems to cope with the problems posed by Brexit but the UK website hasn't been upgraded yet.

I may contact them about this next week and see what they say.

I wondered about that too, but I suspect they have a reduced capacity for parts shipments to the UK at the moment (Post Brexit bureaucracy may well be the cause of this), so they have made it slightly more difficult to make parts orders from the UK.

You had a great response there Gordon. My last order, which I made on April 5th (and I was told at that point would be delivered in 14 days) arrived on 3rd May, so I am not yet convinced normal service has been resumed yet.


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