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white prints? Is this a printing error?

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Hi guys,

I collect medieval knights, specially green dragon knights from sets like 3841, 7669, 7670, 4586, so I buy a lot of spare parts for them.

Fews days ago I got two pieces (helm and shield) with strange color (white instead of regular color).

Anyone knows what happened here?



I couldn't say for certain what happened with your parts, but I think some printing (especially involving some colours) is done in multiple layers or stages. It looks like your items missed a final stage of printing or something.

That said, I actually think they look cool like that! You could make some nice custom figures with those! :D

Yes, Pynedor is right!

Do show us the klickys wearing them! ;)

(the helmet is particularly awesome!)

Nice parts, looking good the way they are. I've seen the shield in white before with a German eBay seller - perhaps the very item that you've now bought?

StJohn, exactly, I bought it from this German seller called traktorist99.


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