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...has changed from season 1 to 2. Will there be a "new" figure release?  :D

Season 1

Season 2

Actually, now that I've watched season 1 again, Kahboom's face IS white on his right & red on the left, as it is in season 2. However, the opening credits for S1 and the PM figures (including my life-size) are the opposite.

Interesting! And the logo on his chest has not changed, so its not just a horizontal flip of the images.


Maybe he wanted to change? Or maybe somoene ELSE painted him? :P

I think it's very likely somewhere in the process the face texture got flipped by mistake. happens often in 3D facial rig systems that are by default symmetric. It will only show in exceptions like this facial texture, and it usually only becomes obvious too late in the process to go back and fix it quite a few steps back in the animation pipeline :-)


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