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Since series 1,  I have intermittently noticed boys fi?ure and girls fi?ure pairs, that IMO were designed that way. Like, the Bavarians in 2 seem to be designed as a pair.

  My partner suggested that I may have apophenia.  :-\  Her counter arguement is that Uncle Sam and Lady Liberty surely would have been released in the same series if there was any plan.  (Or steampunks, or a gnome couple, or beefeater with queen, etc.)

My counter-counter arguement  is that there is no predetermined plan, but the design team occassionally comes up with a pair that fits thematically AND aesthetically.

I feel my theory is very vinticated by the Day of the Dead pair, which even my partner has to acknowledge IS a pair. 

So which, if any,  designed pairs do y'all see in Fi?ures?

It's an interesting thought. There are definitely ones that couple together but often not in the same series or year. Day of the Dead is unusual in being so obvious.

Two that link together nicely from consecutive years is the fisherman and woman from Boys 8 and Girls 10

Possibly Fire Fairy from Girls 7 and Lava Guy from Boys 8

There are probably others too. Of course any pair of police or firefighters might go together but they don't release both the same series.

I side with you, Doug: There is definitely pairing going on, intentional or as an afterthought. Some more examples:

King + Queen (7)
Fencers (♂7, ♀9)
Tennis players (♂9/17, ♀4/12/16)
Sauna visitors (♂18, ♀10)
Stone Age (♂20, ♀1)

But it isn't done in any systematic way, for sure – we're still waiting for a male horse rider to accompany the lady from 11, etc., etc.

Yes, St. J! The king and queen  from 7 rule side by side on my shelf.  I think it is their shade of gold that makes me think they are an inseparable pair.....

I doubt the German designers were as inundated with Godfather's Pizza commercials as I was growing up, but I think they still had the idea to connect the flapper and the gangster in series 14.

Musicians are not automatically paired, but some connections seem solid to me:
Bieber and Gaga in 3 may be a coincidence...
While Hendrix and Joplin in 10 may be on purpose,...
And the guitarist and singer from 1 really seem to belong to the same band.

I really wonder if that weird vampire in 14 was put there as a foil for Van Helsing....?

I thought those two cowpokes in 15 looked like they shared a lot of dusty trails with each other.

Tim, my fire sorceress is commanding a few of those fire demons(?) at my house. They match well.
Yes, if we skip across a few series there are a LOT of great pairs.

... although my partner is still waiting on the white rabbit to accompany the Queen of Hearts for a long time now......

YES, the rabbit people are always tan. We need a white one for sure.


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