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Great topic, Tim.

As far as picking  favorites.....

Narrowing my choices to my high fantasy theme, StJohn had a good point: the dwarf in 3 premiered the whole dwarf line.  Gotta respect the Durin of Playmobil.

Playmo has now done a lot of wizards, but this guy from 12 has always popped, IMO.
I think it is his muted colors that make his red orb seem more striking. ....  and...  he has pirate sleeves!

The ice king from 14 is unique and imposing, as is the Ent from 17 many more great ones... even some of the omnipresent faries have great parts for  building elves.

As for the genpop....

I do think the Day of the Dead pair are wonderful, Tim.
Carnivale Dancer from 9 is a great example of a creative fi?ure that would be unlikely to fit in any regular theme.  My partner just adores the "Kitty" from 17, who may also have a tough time in a regular theme.

So tough to narrow down favorites!

It crossed my mind that I hadn't brought up the prisoner from Boys Series 2. I think he is still the only sad Klicky that has ever been produced. It just shows that they are a happy (sometimes angry, occasionally demented, but almost never downcast) breed!

It is also worth mentioning that the recommended retail price of Figures hasn't gone up over 20 series: it has been 1,99 € here in Germany ever since 2011. Geobra is catching up, though, or so it is rumoured: series 21 is thought to bear a RRP of 2,49 € – inflation (provisionally 13% for 2011-2021 in Germany) being overtaking by 11%! Still, Figures are too cheap compared to other Playmobil articles, so some correction is definitely in order.

Or perhaps the rest of the sets are overpriced and due for a price reduction. :wave:

I kind of think they have to be cheap because of the surprise element. I rarely buy them, but there's been times I've bought 3 or 4 at once and not one of them has been worth having. That's not a huge deal for me, but I'd have been gutted as a kid.


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