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I’ve been completing sets via ebay etc for several years. I had all the parts for 3896 Tree Stump Goblin EXCEPT the figure itself. Very hard to find! So I ordered a temp replacement that was similar. But I suspect maybe was customized somehow? It looks exactly like the goblin figure EXCEPT it has a girl’s hair, black. I don’t think that even exists as an original part? Just curious! I didn’t know you could remove child figure’s hair!

You mean 3898. I think someone has swapped a girl's head with brown skintone onto your figure. Swapping the whole head is the only way of changing a child figure's hair. Mind you, I can't find a girl's head with those white eyes and mouth, so perhaps someone has done a successful hair transplant?

BTW, I can't see your pictures (they are shown as having a size of...0kB  :-[). Perhaps you could add them as attachments, or post them on an image hosting site and link to them here (more details on either method available....).

Thank you! I’ll try adding them as a file. When I find it! I might have to take a new one lol; apparently I failed to drag it into the right album and who knows how far back in the all photos section she is lol. The other ideas I’m afraid I have no experience with.


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