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--- Quote from: Tiermann on December 10, 2005, 17:40:19 ---Pretty soon we can start agitating for a trains forum...  ;D

--- End quote ---

Do you want to start a poll or shall I do the honours? ;D

Seriously, if you think there'll be enough interest to support a separate board for that topic, I can easily create a child board for it. :)

A child board is like a sub-board which sits within another one, like "Testing Ground", for anyone who's not sure what I mean.


I couldn't find an appropriate board for train discussion to go under as a child board, so I created a completely separate one and moved this topic into it.  ;)

The name isn't very inspired, so if you have suggestions for a better one, please say so. :)

Cool.  8-) I guess we'll see if there are enough posts to warrant it's inclusion.

I see Richard has already got it off to a great start. :*)

I split his posts and the ones that followed about layouts and made a new topic in this board so no-one will miss them when searching by post titles at a later date. ;)


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