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Hello from the middle of nowhere, the most land-locked place in the USA — Nebraska. Playmobil was never easy to get here, especially pre-internet. My daughter and I spent many happy hours with Playmobil, mainly the Victorian house and knights. I've continued collecting and creating some basic custom figures. I won't say I'm obsessed, but would consider moving to Germany for access to their parts system. I'm looking forward to being a part of this community and learning from others. Especially interested in how people find hard-to-get parts and techniques to remove tampo printing/paint from vehicles without destroying them.

I would love for Playmobil to create a series of historical knights (similar to their artists and musicians). It would be fantastic for them to do a set based on The Neverending Story. I just started collecting some of the Mission Geo space series.


Welcome to the forum. Historical knights is a great idea!

Welcome Chris, from Stroud, UK!

Welcome from Portugal :)

Welcome fellow land-locked American! Playmobil USA does have a parts department but getting the parts you want is hit-or-miss. It beats the days of mailing in an order form and a check though.


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